Thursday, April 1, 2010

I haven't posted in a while... so here :)

Ahhh... I feel like it's been forever since i've posted anything. I've done quite a bit of shopping this week. Not so much for groceries. I bought bananas and a few other things. I spent WAY too much money at Wags & CVS this week. But... this is just one of those weeks that I just don't care. You ever get like that?? Anywho... it's been BEAUTIFUL here in my hometown. I've been having problems getting my butt to school!! Incase you didn't know I go to class M-W from 3pm-9pm. I'm a nail technician student and I LOVE IT!!! I will be graduating the beginning of May. I can't wait!! I can't wait to start working. I quit my job last August so I could stay home with my son when i'm not in class. Without my income we couldn't really afford the extra $500 a month for childcare.

But pretty much all week i've been lazy. :o) Well... not super lazy i've still been cooking and doing laundry/dishes. Although I did take a break from all of that today and my house is a wreck. I will prob go put some laundry up when i'm done with this post.

Today my best friend since 7th grade, my son, and myself all went to lunch and went to the park. It was really fun. It's just nice to get out with another human I can hold a conversation with :). Don't get me wrong I love my conversations with my almost 2 year old!! hehe :)

So blogger friends, and anyone else who may read this. What have you been up to all week??? Do you ever just want to take a break from everything?? Also what are your Easter weekend plans??

(Isn't my son adorable in the pic :) hehe It was his first ice cream cone!!)


  1. Glad to hear what you have been up to! I didn't realize you were in school, how exciting that will be to be done!
    I am 35.5 weeks pregnant and everything I do is a bit slow. :) But I am feeling good about witteling my list of things to do down. I finished the quilt top for the baby and I am having a friend do the actual quilting this week, so I'm excited to have it done and see it.
    My sis and law is here with her two very WILD 4 year olds and I'm trying to not let that get me over the edge. They are here until Saturday. We need to make some plans for an Easter egg hunt, but Sunday we'll be going to the sunrise service at church followed by a brunch.

  2. Yeah and i've already got my job lined up :) Just have to pass my state boards. I will start working again in June after almost a YEAR off... lol :)

    How exciting about your pregnancy... your almost there :)Do you know what your having?? I bet the quilt will look great :)

    Goodness... WILD 4 year olds... that sounds like an interesting weekend for you. Hope all your Easter plans are wonderful. :)

  3. This week I have been working on my Kitchen. It is an endeavor I am not sure I am thrilled about starting however I cannot stand looking at it any longer. I just finished my bathroom and hope to post my video on Tuesday.

    Last summer I didn't coupon at all!! I still blogged and I still stayed under budget however with the girls home it was just easier to go get only what we needed. Of course we totally depleted our stockpile! Oh well! When summer was over I was ready to dive back in. I figure if you do ANYTHING too much you will get burnt out.

    For Easter we will go to church and then head to my Aunt's in Pittsburg and my entire family will be there. Grand Parents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Cousins Kids, it is great fun! All the kiddos will have a giant Egg hunt and we will have lots of yummy food. :)

  4. Amber...

    About every room in my house is half finished!! lol :) I painted my entry way and meant to paint the hallway and another small hall... haha no happening. I hate painting with a passion and I stink at it. :)

    I've still couponed this week... but I've been tryin to get things I need like makeup. And makeup isn't cheap. lol :) I also got some new St. Ives Face stuff to try. I get the occasional acne and I wanted to try something new.

    That sounds like a great Easter :). I'm not quite sure what we are doing. I really want to head to St. Louis and take Keaton (and the hub of course) to the zoo. I didn't get to go last summer and i'm craving it!!

  5. I am so bad about starting things and not finishing!!! For instance: my bathroom was gutted 2 summers ago. My amazing 81 yr old Carpenter Grandpa took out the cabinets, ripped up the floor, gutted the tub surrounding walls then put in a new floor, new cabinet, new medicine cabinet, new lighting, new tile wall in 2 weeks time.
    I didn't even paint the room until the following summer (which was last summer) and I hated it. So now I just repainted it again. This time....I love it!!

    Last Spring Break we went to the Memphis Zoo for the first time. It was really nice!! We also went to Graceland.

    Going to the Zoo never gets old!

  6. Yeah I get sidetracked very easily :)

    We are putting laminate flooring in the dining room, hallway, and kitchen. Well... the hallway and dining room are done. Haha I just have to motivate my hubby to keep going. It's been at a halt for about a month now. I wish I had lots and lots of money to just hire someone to do it all for me. But i don't suppose that would be very frugal of me!! haha

    Yeah I usually go to St. Louis bc it's free :) haha. I haven't been to the Memphis or Nashville zoo since I was a lil kid.

    I'm a HUGE animal lover.. and my son had a blast yesterday at the park looking at the ducks. So i think he is at the a great age for the zoo. :)


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