Monday, April 26, 2010

4/25 Walgreens Spent $2.24 saved $16.49

Trans #1:
Stayfree Maxi Pad 24ct $2.99
$2 coupon from 3/28 RP

Skintimate Shave Gel $2.99
$2 coupon from April Cosmo Mag

Plackers Mint 90ct $2.00
$0.50 coupon from last insert

Used $2.50 RR from last week (kotex deal)

(also I did have filler items, my hubby wanted beef jerky. He paid with all of this on his debit card, thats why i'm including my filler items in this scenario.)

Total Spent: $1.06
Total Saved: $10.49
Earned: $8RR

Trans #2:

Stayfree Maxi Pads 24ct $2.99
used $2 coupon from 3/28 RP

2 Newspapers $3.00

Used $3 RR from Skintimate

Total: $1.18
Saved: $6.00
Earned: $3 RR

I have $8 in RR left for this week!!! I will be doing more transactions today!! Also the stayfree maxi pads will go to my donation box in my stockpile room!!


  1. Today I went to Herrin and Marion Wags and both were sold out of the Stayfree. I am hoping they get some in on their truck Thurs. because I have several $2 off Q's.

    What made me so mad today.....when I got to Marion the guy in front of me in line had an entire cart full of the stayfree and he was buying 1 at a time and using the $2 off Q. I just wanted a few and he bought the store out! :(

  2. That sucks. Sorry to hear that. I bought quite a few myself. I bought some more yesterday, I think i've bought 5 total. But I by no means bought the store out. You would think they that would limit that. They have the ability to do that ya know. Hopefully they will get more in on Thurs!!!

  3. Well at Marion most of the Mgrs want the stuff sold and don't care if one person buys 50 or not. The cashier felt totally bad but nothing she could do cuz the Mgr wouldn't back her up. She is my fav cashier there and she did check the back for me.

    Anyway, she is a single mom of 1 daughter and she knows that I have 2 daughters and we can use all the stayfree we can get around here LOL

  4. Oh well that's crappy of the managers!!! Is yours coupon friendly? We just got a new one in Metropolis and they are WONDERFUL! I have my reg cashier that I visit monday mornings. That's usually when I do about 6 trans. Other than that the most I will do in one trip is 2. Everyone there is great though. The managers have adjusted coupons down for me. I don't have any of those problems that other people have. I really used to hate shopping at walgreens, but that was also when i first started couponing and didn't fully understand wags!!!

    If I were up there closer to ya I would give you my 6 packs! :)

  5. Well that is a sweet offer Mandy!! :)

    Marion and Herrin both have a couple cashiers that are awesome the rest are not!! I always go to the same cashiers. If the good ones are not there I only do 1 transaction. There is an older lady that works at Marion that I had to call on she is mean and hateful and thinks couponers are trying to steal from her.

    Then there is one Mgr at Herrin who totally flipped out on my sister one day and she was only doing 1 transaction. He started yelling at her about couponing thieves. Oh my I felt so bad because I had just got her started doing Walgreens.

  6. I don't know why people have to hate on couponers. I have absolutely fallen in love with it. It has helped my family tremendously. I started bc I had to quit my job to go to school full time. Now I will be working again in June, but I plan to continue couponing. We've been use to one income... so a second income can be used to start saving and all that good stuff.

    I wish wags corporate would read all the forums and blogs with all the problems people have from their stores. I just really feel bad for everyone else out there that has the bad stores.

    I feel bad for your sister... theres nothing worse than a bad experience when your starting out!!!


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