Friday, April 16, 2010

4/16 Save A Lot: $10.00 for 33 Beech Nut Meals

I had 33 coupons left and they expire 4/30 (my birthday!!) and the only place I can find them now is Save A lot. I've been meaning to gradually buy them. I've never used 33 coupons for the same product in one trip. But it was a teenage male cashier and I thought what the heck!! LoL!! So I told him I had 33 coupons and 33 beech nut meals!! Why can't every transaction be as good?? :o) I spent $10 on 33 meals. My son loves these little things!! :o) And I have OFFICIALLY gone OVER BUDGET this week... do i care...??? Nah... not this week. I also went clothes shopping and blew a bunch of money... there is no hope for me this week! :o)

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