Friday, April 2, 2010

Cutting my hair off today!! Yay :)

I have SUPER thin, fine hair. No body... just flat. So I like to keep my hair SHORT. It really looks like I have more hair when it's shorter. The pic above is pretty much what my hair looks like now. It's short in the back. Kind of like an angled bob. And the pic below is what I think i'm gonna do to it.

I'm just a tad bit nervous to go this short again. This hair was before I had my son. I'm not sure if the texture of my hair is any different now that I've had a child. So I guess we will see. Hair grows back, right?? :)

What about you guys, are you ready to change your look for summer???

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  1. I think the short haircut is really cute!! And yeah, hair grows back. :)

    Go for it.


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