Monday, March 28, 2011

3/28 Big John's Grocery Trip (local store)

I needed to stock up on some meat... so I ran to my local grocery store. Ground beef and chicken are on sale for $1.79lb!!!! When I was looking at the chicken I noticed it was all natural hormone free. I didn't know that they carried that... so I grabbed 3 packages of chicken breast and 2 packages of chicken breast tenders. The pork steak I grabbed was also natural/hormone free. I grabbed 2 packages of that at $2.18lb (not a great price-- but it's natural) I also grabbed 5lbs of ground beef. My meat totals were $33.23....

My total spent was $48.82--- the rest of it was a splurge... i'm making red velvet cake balls!! :o)

3/28---Kroger Mega Event saved 67%

We are trying to eat more natural & organic foods. So I was able to score a few Organic items this run.


Spinach $1.99--- managers spec.
Light Brown Sugar $3.15
Romaine Lett. $1.49 ---- managers spec.
Organic Potatoes $2.99

Mega Event:

6 Temptations Cat Treats $.99 each
used $1/2 Q

2 Fruity Peeble Treats $1.99
used $.75 Q

2 Sunny D $.99
used $.25 Q

4 Philly Cooking Cremes $1.99
used $1.50 Q

2 Dannon Yogurt $1.49
used $1 Q

2 Kraft Cheese $1.99
used $.55 Q

2 Axe Body Spray $3.39
used $1 Q

Axe Detailer & Axe Body Wash $3.39
used B1G1 Free Q

2 Classico Sauce $1.49
no coupon

4 Ronzoni Pasta $.49
used $1/2

2 Ritz Crackerfuls $1.99
used $1/2

Non Mega Event:

4 Purina Beyond Cat Food $2.99 each
used FREE coupon---all free

4 Huggies Baby Wipes $1.99
used $.50 Q= $.99 each

4 Yakisoba Meals $.99
used $.50 Q= FREE

Total Spent: $39.99
Saved: $79.67 or 67%

3/22 Kroger Mega Event --- (really late post)

I was able to grab all of this for $6.57!!!!!! That's a whopping savings of $107.08 or 95%!!!

I did this deal last week... and forgot to post it. These deals end tomorrow in my area.

The dog food is for donation!! The cans were free, and the bagged food was $.99 each!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Giveaway Winner!!!! Kroger $25 Gift Card

Congrats to Lesley!!! I will be contacting her by e-mail. If I don't hear back in 48 hours I will pick a new winner!!!
Lesley Mitchell said...

GFC follower

Friday, March 11, 2011

Kroger: Cereal & Cat Supply Stock up!!!

This was 2 different shopping trips between 2 diff days. I had 9 of the Daytona Mega Event catalina's so I was doing small transactions using my $3 catalinas. The cereal was purchased Sunday at 3 diff stores. And the cat stuff was bought today between 2 diff stores. I'm just going to combine each day and not go into huge detail.

Sunday Trip:
9 boxes of cereal $2.18 each
used $.75 coupons for cheerios
and $.55 for the cinn toast crunch. The $.55 doubled to $1.10
I used 3 catalina's. All sep trans.
Total for 9 boxes: $4.09 or $.45 each!!!!
Saved: $26.42 or 87%

Friday Trip:
2 Cat Litter $5.49 each
used $1 coupons

2 Kroger Cat food (for my stray cats) $1.79 for 3lbs

used (3) $3 catalinas.

Total Spent: $4.02
Total Saved: $14.72 or 79%

Friday, March 4, 2011

Walmart New OFFICIAL Coupon Policy!!!!

I'm so absolutely THRILLED about Walmart's new coupon policy. I have so many problems with coupons at walmart that I pretty much just gave up. But with this new FABULOUS policy I feel confident about shopping there again. I STRONGLY advise that you PRINT this out and keep it in your binder, coupon box, or purse!!! GO HERE TO PRINT THIS OUT!! Gosh can you tell i'm excited!?!?!?

Here's the new Policy!!! You can print the PDF file out from the above wesbite. I personally think that it would be better to have this copy rather than just printing out the wording.

Walmart Coupon Policy

Walmart accepts the following types of coupons (see guidelines below):
  • Manufacturers' coupons
  • Print-at-home internet coupons
    • Must be legible, have "Manufacturer Coupon" printed on them, have a valid remit address for the manufacturer, valid expiration date, and have a scannable bar code.
  • Competitors' coupons that feature a specific item for a specified price
    • for example, $2.99
  • Soft drink container caps
  • Checkout coupons
    • (also called "Catalinas") that are printed at our competitors' registers, have "Manufacturer Coupon" with specific requirements printed on them, a valid remit address for the manufacturer, valid expiration date, and a scannable bar code.
Walmart does not accept the following coupons:
  • Print-at-home Internet coupons that require no purchase
  • Competitors' coupons for dollars/cents or percentage off, buy one get one free, and double- or triple-value coupons
The following are guidelines and limitations:
  • Only one coupon per item is permitted.
  • Coupons must have an expiration date and be redeemed prior to expiration.
  • Coupons may exceed the price of the item. Change may be given or applied toward the cost of the basket purchase.
  • Walmart only accepts coupons for merchandise that we sell.
  • Coupons must be presented at the time of purchase.
  • We accept the following with Customer Service Supervisor/Management approval:
    • 40 or more coupons
    • Any coupon over $20
    • $50 or more in coupons in one transaction