Getting Started

Getting Started... Let's start with the most important part... where to find your coupons!!!! :)


There are several different sources to get your coupons. When you are first getting started it will take a little while to get your coupons built up. Here are the places to find coupons.

1.Sunday Newspaper

The first place I get my coupons are the Sunday newspaper. I buy 4 copies of the paper every Sunday. The rule of thumb is generally one newspaper per family member. So if you are a family of 2 get 2 papers.. and so on. The reason I buy 4 is because when something goes on sale really cheap you want to stock up on it. I usually find that 4 is a good number to grab. I buy the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

2. Internet Printables

You can get a good selection of coupons from the internet. You can usually find coupons from the website of the product. Sometimes you can even send the company a nice little comment about their products and they will send you coupons that way too!!!

My favorite places to print coupons: RedPlum, SmartSource,

You can usually print 2 of each coupon. NEVER EVER photo copy a coupon you have printed. This is coupon fraud!!!!!! 

3. Ecoupons

These are coupons you load to your savers card. For example I shop at Kroger and use a Kroger card.

You can load coupons from Kroger, Cellfire, ShortCuts, & P&G

These coupons load straight to your card and you don't have to worry about clipping them or handing them over to the cashier.

4. Ordering Coupons

There are several places you can order coupons. You can order whole inserts or specific coupons. Say  you need 10 cat food coupons for a sale, you can order 10!!! Here are my favorite places to order coupons.

5. Magazines

All You Magazine is found at Walmart and has tons of excellent coupons!!! Also you can sometimes find coupons in various magazines!!!

6. Blinkies

These are the coupon machines that are found in your grocery store. 

7. Tearpads/Peelies

Sometimes you can find tearpad coupons located next to the product. Be kind when getting these... don't take the whole thing!!! :o)

Peelies can be found on the products. Please resist taking these off the boxes if you don't intend on using them.

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  1. Thanks again for the advice. Still confused about how to "layer" coupons. My daughter is a Coupon princess in Michigan. I'm stuck on a farm in S. Virginia, with no internet at home. UGH. and she says I need to "figure it out." I need all the help I can get, and your help will take me a lot of time at the tiny local library 'puter!!

  2. I'm still in the process of updating this section. But as far as "layering" the coupons I can give you some quick info on that. You can use one manufacturer coupon per item. You can also use a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon. The best example I can give you would be for Walgreens. They release a monthly coupon book with walgreens store coupons. Say for example you buy Cottonelle Toilet Paper and it's on sale for $5. Let's pretend you have a coupon for $1 off cottonelle and walgreens also has a $1 store coupon. You would in turn pay $3 for that item. That is how you can really maximize your savings. I hope that kind of helped. :o)


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