Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wags: Dove Hair Care RR ROLLING!!!

I saw HERE that the Wags RR for Dove hair care is rolling. Of course I had to go out and see for myself. It is infact working in my area. I went to the Metropolis, IL Store. To start your transaction out you will want to buy one dove and use the $1.50 off coupon from today's paper. Then on your next transaction grab another dove and another item to hit $4. I bought extra newspapers today as my filler items. You can get anything. This is a good way to get some items you may NEED. Pay with your $4 RR and keep doing this transaction over and over :o)!!!! I bought 4 dove total.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Giveaway: Seventh Generation Disinfecting Cleaning Kit

My friend Amber over at Southern IL Money Savers is doing a giveaway for Seventh Generation Disinfecting Cleaners!!! Head on over HERE to enter!!!

Super Savings Saturday saved 80%!!!!

Total Spent: $55.05
(I have $52.10 left for the month)
Total Saved: $218.06 or 80%

CVS: Details HERE & HERE
Spent: $9.97
Saved: $34.66 or 78%

Wags: Details HERE & HERE
Spent: $4.85
Saved: $25.70 or 84%

Kroger: Details HERE & HERE
Spent: $34.23
Saved: $157.70 or 82%

Big John's
Spent: $6.00 (not pictured) It was just 5 rolls of sausage and lettuce!!!

How did you do this week??? Please link up below. Also if you become a new follower leave a comment below and I will return the favor!! :o)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kroger Spent $29.32 Saved $139.25 or 83%

I got everything for $29.32 with a savings of $139.25 or 83%!!!

The J&J buddies were free after coupons.

(28) Boxes of pasta for $0.25 each after coupons.

(6) Ken's dressings for $0.49 each

(8) A1 for $1.39 each (my hubby loves this and that is a GREAT stock up price for me)

(3) Coke Zero free after coupons.

(6) Sargento for $0.67 each after coupons.

(1) Ritz for $0.99

(4) Mott's Apple Juices $0.99 each

3/23 CVS spent $1.44 saved $5.60 0r 80%

(2) Milk = $4.18
(2) CVS hair care = $1.98

(2) Coupons for $1 off CVS hair care items (from coupon machine)

Total: $1.44
Saved: $5.60 or 80%

3/22 CVS Spent $8.53 saved $29.06 or 77%

Trans #1

(2) Pampers Cruisers = $17.94
used (2) $2 off Pampers Cruisers = $4.00 off
$8 ECB

Total: $7.02
Saved: $18.04
Earned: $6ECB

Trans # 2

(1) Pampers Cruisers = $8.97
used $2 off pampers cruisers
$6 ECB

Total: $1.51
Saved: $11.02
Earned: $3ECB

3/22 Wags spent $1.42 saved $19.95 or 93%

I promise... i'm almost done buying these!!! :o)

(10) Vick's Cough Drops= $8.95
used (5) $1.50 off any Vick's

(5) Puff's = $12.45
used (5) Free Puffs wyb 2 Vicks products

Total: $1.42
Saved: $19.95 or 93%

3/21 Kroger spent $4.91 Saved $18.45 or 78%

(5) Bumble Bee Tuna $0.49 = $2.45
Used (5) $0.55 coupons doubled to $0.99= $2.20 overage!!!

(2) Mott's Apple Juice= $1.98

(1) A1 Steak Sauce= $2.49
used $0.55 coupon doubled to $1.10

(3) Kroger Fruit Cocktail= $1.47
these were clearanced

(2) Big cans of pears= $1.58
these were clearanced

(1) J&J Buddies= $0.99
used $1 off any johnson's baby product= FREE

Banana's= $1.06

Total: $4.91
Saved: $18.45 or 78%

3/21 Wags spent $3.34 saved $5.75 or 63%

Trans #1

Colgate Max toothpaste $2.99
Used $0.75 off coupon

Total: $2.43
Saved $0.75
Received: $2RR

Trans #2

4 Newspapers $6.00
Used $5RR

Total: $1.00
Saved: $5.00

Nothing exciting about this trip!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Super Savings Saturday saved 71%

Total Spent: $98.11
(more than usual but I have around $100 for the rest of the month, I think I can do it!!!)
Total Saved:$239.60 or 71%

CVS: Details
Spent: $5.04

Saved: $36.25 or 88%

ECB's Left: $8

Wags: Details
Spent: $18.05

Saved: $81.17 or 82%

RR's Left: $3

Kroger: Details
Spent: $69.42

Saved: $117.18 or 63%

Walmart: Details
Spent: $5.60

Saved: $5.00 or 47%

3/19 CVS Spent $2.41 saved $32.19

Let me explain this real quick. CVS messed up. I also wanted to buy 2 clearance gilette and a gillette body wash. I wanted to use my $4/2 for the deo and a coupon fro free body wash when you buy a deo. Well she said it wouldn't work so I told her to take it off my order. She had already scanned the body wash as free and took off $4.99. She forgot to take it off and I didn't realize this until just now. So that's why my OOP is so low.

(6) Degree Deo = $15.00
Used (2) $3/2 coupons & (2) $1.25/1 coupons= $8.50
$4.99 Gillette body wash coupon that she forgot to take off

Total: $2.41
Saved: $32.19
Received $5ECB

3/19 Walmart--- Cheap Toilet Paper

(5) White Cloud TP= $10
used (5) $1 off any white cloud from 2/7 SS= $5.00 off

Total: $5.60
Saved: $5.00

3/18 Wags Trip # 2 Spent $13.19 saved $50.24

A little info about this trip... I ALMOST didn't go. I was tired. But you know when you have a deal stuck in your head... and your not satisfied til you get it?? Yeah... I would have drove myself nuts all night thinking I should have gone. So I pulled up, drug my son on another shopping trip. We had already been to Bed, Bath & Beyond, Old Navy, Home Depot, Petsmart, Texas Roadhouse, Kroger, Walgreens, and now we were going to ANOTHER wags... haha. But I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad I went. Because I got some AWESOME deals... and YES this put me OVER budget for the WEEK. But I was already $50 under for the month... so it's OK!! :o)

(2) Oscar Mayer Bacon B1G1= $3.99
Used (2) $1.50 printbales= $3.00 off
Final Price= $0.99 for 2

(9) Lean Cuisine Meals= $9.81
No coupons this were on clearance for $1.09 each and I bought them ALL and NO I don't feel bad!!! I love these Panini's and they are too expensive!! This was my reward for forcing myself to Wags last night :o)

Bag of 6 Sausage Patties on clearance for $0.40!!!!

And... Surprise.... MORE COUGH DROPS & PUFFS!!!!

(8) Vicks = $7.16
used (4) $1.50 off any Vicks = $6.00 off
Final Price= $1.16 for 8 boxes

(4) Puffs= $9.96
used (4) Free coupons wyb 2 vicks = $9.96
Final Price = FREE

Total: $13.19
Saved: $50.24

3/18 Wags Trip #1 spent $2.13 saved $10.98

I ordered 20 of those puffs coupons and I under ordered my Vicks coupons but I have 9 more coming soon from dede!!

(4) Vick's Cough Drops = $3.58
Used (2) $1.50 off any Vick's = $3.00 off
Final Price= $0.58 for 4

(2) Puffs with Lotion = $4.98
Used (2) Free Puffs wyb 2 Vicks Products= $4.98 off
Final Price= FREE

(2) Clearance Recycled Tote Bags= $0.98
These are HUGE bags--- was really excited to find them for just $0.49 each!!

Total: $2.13
Saved: $10.98

3/18 Kroger Spent $13.00 saved $42.13 or 76%

I love coupons and I love Kroger :o)

I shopped some March Madness Sales--- When you buy 8 particiapating products you get $4 off your order. I bought 16 participating items and got $8 off....
Align Center
*All Prices reflect March Madness discount

(4) Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Pasta = $3.00
used (2) $1/2 printables from here or 1/10 SS
Final Price= $1 for 4 boxes!!!

(2) Ronzoni Smart Taste= $1.50
used (2) $0.75/1 from HERE
Final Price= FREE!!!

(4) Mott's Apple Juice= $3.96
Final Price= $0.99 each

(4) Kraft Cheese 120z Singles= $6.68
Final Price= $1.67 each

(2) Coke Zero= $1.58
used (2) $1 coupons from recyclebank
Final Price= FREE + $0.42 overage

Non March Madness Items:

Cat's Pride Cat Litter = $5.49
used FREE coupon up to $7 from HERE
Final Price= Free + $1.51 overage
Kroger took off up to $7 on this

Kraft Marshmallow's= $1.00

Kroger Brand Strawberry Jam= $2.29

Total: $13.00
Saved: $42.13 or 76%

A lot of stuff just didn't grab my attention. I just wanted some super cheap-free pasta and to stock up on apple juice!!!

Huggies $3 off coupon--- HURRY!!!

This coupon probably won't be around for long soooo HURRY on over HERE and print this coupon out!!!! You can print this 2 times!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Old Navy--- 30% Off

There is a coupon for 30% off at Old Navy. Click HERE to get it. 5% of the proceeds will go to the WWF. I'm a huge animal lover!!!

I went in today and got my son 3 tees, 1 pair of shorts, 2 flip flips, and my hubby some st. patty's day boxers. I returned $10 worth of stuff and only paid $10. So not bad.

Kohl's Coupon 15% off Purchase 3/19-3/21

There is a 15% off coupon for Kohl's, just click HERE to get it!!! I'm gonna check out some home stuff, and some shorts for my kiddo!!

I shop better when i'm sick... HA

So apparantly when i'm all sick and stuffy I shop better!?!?!?!? Poor cashiers probably can't understand me tho, I sound funny! I've been doing more deal shopping this week than ever. I have been SOOOOOOO excited about some of my awesome deals. I will post those later when I find the energy!!

I never do daily updates or say anything personal so I figured I would just say a little... if you read this awesome!! lol It's probably gonna be boring.

So... we really needed some news pans to cook with. We've only been married 2 years... it will be 3 years next month. And I never really cooked a lot. So i've just been buying skillets from TJ Maxx... you know the really cute ones that are brightly colored... well they are good for about a year and then they die. :o) haha.... So I went to Bed Bath & Beyond today in search of some new ones. I had a $10/40 coupon... so I figured I could get a couple pans. I ended up with a Caphalon set of skillets. It was $49.99 for a 12" & 10" pan. I asked the lady at the check out if they were good pans... she laughed at me?? Seriously... i'm sorry but I don't know a lot about cooking... Apprantly they are good pans and they have a lifetime warranty. Excuse me for not knowing that!!! :) She was nice about it... i'm still young so it's ok :)

Then I went to OLD Navy... I had some stuff to return. I used a 30% coupon that you can find HERE I ended getting Mr. Keaton (my son) 3 tee's, one pair of shorts, and 2 flip flops for like $10!!! :) I bought him a ton of clothes from Carter's last month and they are HUGE... they are size 24 months and my poor child will be 2 in July. He's skinny... so they don't fit him sooo good. So I betcha we will have to wait til Fall to fit into those clothes!! He's still in a size 12 months at Children's Place!!!

Then we hit Home Depot for some boring paint stuff... I hate to paint... but my walls are crying for a change :o)

We then went to Petsmart to look at the poor cats... :o( I wish I could adopt one... but i have a PSYCHOTIC cat as is and she is not friendly with other cats. We did have a cat find us recently... it comes to us at night and eats and sleeps on our porch. During the day I have no idea where this cat is. I have deemed it my new outside cat :) lol

I someone talked my hubby into going to Texas Roadhouse with me & Keaton right after that. It was a NIGHTMARE... I hate going out to eat with my child. He's good for the most part he just won't sit still.... and I don't get to enjoy my food.

After that my hubby and I parted ways so I could keep shopping!! Keaton and I hit Kroger, Walgreens, CVS (didn't buy anything), came back to Metropolis, we were in Paducah it's right across the river. It's only 10 miles away and it's where you have to go to get to Kroger, CVS, Walmart, and the mall stuff. My lil town only has a family dollar, dollar store, save a lot, small grocery store, and a wags!!! We hit the wags in my town before going home.

And now here I sit... my knees hurt because I always sit Indian Style with my legs... haha. I'm glad that today is almost over :o) It has been an eventful one. Ahhh I also had a plumber at my house all morning... can't wait to see that bill!!!!!!! I hope everyone had a wonderful day!!! Thanks for listening to my babbling!!!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kroger 3/16 Spent $56.42 saved $75.05

I'm just gonna highlight a few things here:

The beechnut meals were on closeout for $0.95 I bought 10 of those getting $0.50 overage. I used $1 0ff coupons on those. I bought 100 of these from ebay... lol. My son hates the ones with red sauce, like the lasagna, spaghetti o's. So I will prob donate those!!!

The digiorno were $7.50 for 3. I had 2 free coupons which took off $3.19 each, and a $1.50 off coupon. I got $0.38 overage on those.

The gatorade were $0.33 each after coupons. I used (20) $1/2. My hubby loves these and I wanted to stock up.

The cokes were by 4 get one free. I used 4 $1 off coupons from recycle bank. So i paid $1 for 5 2 liters.

I didn't need the chicken... but I finally got my freezer and it's bare!! lol They were $7.96 a bag.

Cat food ran me $10.99 but the last time I bought a bag was Christmas and i'm not quite finished with that bag. My cat is pretty cheap.

The Johnson's soap buddy was $0.99. It was supposed to be free but they missed either one of my beechnut coupons, or my J&J coupon. Either way... I don't care. I will live :)

All together I spent $56.42
Saved: $75.05 or 57%

I'm headed out tomorrow to grab some of the March Madness items. Prob stock up on some cheese, apple juice, and pasta.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

3/16 Wags spent $2.73 saved $19.95 or 88%

(10) Vick's cough drops 2/$1.79 = $17.90
(5) Puff's w/ Lotion $2.49 = $12.45

coupons Used:

(5) $1.50 off any Vick's $7.50
(5) Free Puffs wyb 2 Vicks products $12.45

subtotal: $1.45
Tax: $1.28 (tax was almost as much as my total)
Total: $2.73

CVS 3/16 Spent $2.63 saved $4.06 or 61%

I needed milk DESPERATELY!!! And I had some coupons I wanted to snag some free stuff with before they expire 3/31. :o)

Milk $2.39
(4) J&J First Aid To Go $3.96

(4) $1 off J&J $1 adjusted to $3.96

Total: $2.63
Saved: $4.06 or 61%

Sinus Infection, Wisdom Teeth, and Canker sores... :(

So I have been sick since... oh last FRIDAY!!! I have the wonderful Sinus problems with the stuffy nose and drowsiness. If that's not BAD enough... my bottom 2 wisdom teeth are coming in. They are growing under my molars... YIKES!!! Time to go to the dentist and see how much this is gonna cost!!! :o) AND... I bit my lip like 3 times in the same spot and I now have a lovely canker sore. I can't wait to feel better. I did drag myself out of the house today to hit Kroger, CVS, and Wags. I sat at my laptop with my coupons and I just couldn't get focused. I was trying to print this and that, and look at coupon match ups... then I decided I didn't care if I missed a deal. I just wanted to get somethings that I knew I needed. I didn't even get my coupons on Sunday :( I'm thinking of ordering some from Coupon Dede... I got showered, did my hair, threw a lil makeup on, and crawled in my hubby's lap and told him I just didn't feel like leaving the house. So I wasted all my energy trying to look presentable!! lol Sorry to bore you all with this... I just had to rant... because quite frankly i'm tired of being sick!!! Got any home remedies out there that work??? If so PLEASE pass along!!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Super Savings Saturday saved 79%

Finally back to shopping. I haven't been doing all my CVS shopping that I like to do. I've stated a new coupon organization and I love it. It's not effective if I need to pull out an ad and do match ups for myself, but I'm not the greatest at that anyway. I feel like I'm back in control of my coupons instead of them being in control of me. I don't have the clutter anymore and at least they have a home. :o) I had planned to by some more stuff this week and I may tomorrow. If I do I will update this list. I'm starting to get sick so i'm not sure If I'm gonna feel up to it. If something doesn't add up please forgive me. I'm very drowsy at the moment!! Here's how I did for the week:

Total Spent: $46.81
(under $28.19)
Total Saved: $176.33 or 79%

CVS: Details HERE & HERE
Spent: $8.72
Saved: $81.54
$3 ECB Left

Wags: Details HERE & HERE
Spent: $14.75
Saved: $54.91
$3 RR Left

Kroger: Details HERE
Spent: $7.39
Saved: $15.59

Big Johns: Details HERE
Spent: $4.06
Saved: $5.29

Dollar General: Details HERE
Spent: $1.08
Saved: $2.00

Walmart: Details HERE
Spent: $10.81
Saved: $17.00

How did you do this week?? Link Up/Comment below!! :o)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Free Purex Sample

Go HERE for a free sample of Purex 3-in-1 Sheets. I personally really like these. I just received my free sample in the mail yesterday. It came with 2 sheets equaling 2 loads of laundry and a $1 off coupon for my next purchase of the sheets!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

3/9 Kroger spent $7.39 on 7lbs of chicken!!!

I won a $5 credit loaded to my kroger card from playing the March to Savings game I mentioned HERE. So after class I ran to Kroger to get some chicken. I was able to get 7lbs of chicken for $7.39!!! Wooohooo!!!!

3lb Chicken Tender = $5.31
4lb Chicken Breasts= $7.08


Total: $7.39
Saved: $15.59 or 67%

3/8 CVS Spent $5.29 saved $37.18 or 88%

Trans #1

Wheat thins $0.99
Oral B toothbrush $4.00
Gillette Fusion Razor $8.99

$1.00 off Wheat Thins coupon from HERE
$0.75 Toothbrush coupon from PG (don't remember which one, sorry)
$4 off Gillette Razor

Total: $0.57
Saved: $17.23
Earned: $8ECB

Trans #2

(4) Diet Dr. Pepper $13
1 Wheat Thin $0.99

$1 off Wheat Thins from HERE

Total: $4.72
Saved: $19.95
Earned: $3ECB

Total Spent on both: $5.29
Saved: $37.18 or 88%

Monday, March 8, 2010

Kroger March to Savings Instant Win Game

Go HERE to play the March to Savings Instant Win Game. I've played about 3 times now, I always forget to go everyday and do it. And I just played and won a $5 credit for my next order!!!! WOW, I'm EXCITED about that!!! I think we all know what we can with $5!!! lol And the best thing is these load straight to your Kroger card so there is no need to print and waste ink!! How awesome is that!! Go give this game a try. You can play once a day until April 6th!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wags Deals: Nestle Crunch, Post Cereal, Gatorade

Select Varieties of Post Cereal are $1.75 each this week. Well this is also an unadvertised Catalina going on with it. When you buy 4 Post Cereals you get a $3 RR (confirmed tonight by me) and a $4 RR when you buy 5!!!

Deal Scenario #1:
Buy 4 Post Cereal $1.75 each = $7
Use the two $2/1 coupon found here (print limit is only 1 per computer)
Use one $1/2 coupons from the 2/28 SS
Pay $2
Get back a $3 RR
Final cost 4 boxes of cereal for FREE + a $1 moneymaker!

Deal Scenario #2
Buy 4 boxes of Post Cereal $1.75 each = $7
Use 2 $1/2 coupons from the 2/28 SS (some areas received $0.75/1 coupons)
Pay $5
Get back a $3 RR
Final cost $0.50 per box!

(took this deal scenario from HIP2Save)

Also, Nestle Crunch bars (1.55 oz) are on sale for just $0.49 with in ad coupon and there’s a new buy one get one FREE coupon to sweeten this deal further. Here’s how the deal would go:

Buy 2 Nestle Crunch Bars regularly priced at $0.89 each = $1.78
Use the buy one get one FREE coupon from the 3/7 SS (will deduct $0.89)
Use the in ad coupon making each bar $0.49 (will deduct $0.80)
Final cost $0.09 for Both!

(I did this deal tonight and it worked, I also took this deal scenario from HIP2Save)

And Gatorade is on sale for $1 with in ad coupon and you can find a $1/2 coupon from the March Flyer found HERE. If you have the $0.50 or $1/2 manufacturer coupon you can get this for FREE!!! I used all mine up at Kroger about a month ago. I was able to get 20 bottles for $10!!!

3/7 Walmart trip spent: $10.81 for 4 games saved 61%

Ran by walmart to pick up a bookcase for my hubby and figured I would take my chances on getting some games with my hasbro coupons that expired today. I'm not including the bookcase with this budget.

Pictureka! = $5.24
($5.00 off any pictureka game) = $0.24

Scrabble Slam = $5.24
($4.00 off any Scrabble game) = $1.24

Monopoly Get out of Jail Game = $7.88
($4 off any monopoly) = $3.88

Monopoly Free parking game = $7.88
($4 off any monopoly) = $3.88

Total: $10.81 for 4 games
Saved: $17.00 0r 61%

3/7 Wags trip #2 spent $14.62 saved 75%

Trans #1

(3) Fruity Pebbles = $5.25
(1) Shredded Wheat = $1.75
(20) Gatorade = $20
(use the in ad coupon to make them $1 each)
(2) Nestle Crunch Bars = $1.78

(2) $1/2 post cereal 2/28 SS
Gatorade in Ad coupon to make them each $1.00= $13.34
March Flyer coupon $1/2 Gatorade = $10.00
For the crunch bars use B1G1 from 3/7SS FIRST will take off $0.89
THEN use the in ad coupon making them $0.49 will deduct $0.80

Total: $14.42
Saved: $40.33 or 74%
Earned $3RR for buying 4 post cereal, you get $4 RR if you buy 5

Trans #2

(4) Nestle Crunch Bars = $3.56

(2) B1G1 coupons (deducted $1.78)
In Ad coupon (deducted $1.22)

Total: $0.20
Saved: $3.00 or 94%

3/7 CVS Spent $3.43 saved 93%

This was done in 3 transactions. I still have 2 more transactions I need to do. I will prob do those tomorrow!!!

Trans #1

Oral B Crossaction Toothbrush = $4.00
(2) Nivea Lip Products= $5.98

$0.75/1 Toothbrush from P&G 2/21
B1G1 nivea lip (expired today) $2.99

Total: $0.48
Saved: $13.23 or 96%
Earned $4.00ECB for toothbrush, $2.99 ECB for nivea

Trans #2

(2) Apple Jacks $5.00
(2) Fruit Loops $5.00

(2) $1/2 from 3/7 RP = $2.00
$4 ECB
$2.99 ECB

Total: $1.01
Saved: $16.15 or 94%
Earned: $5ecb for buying cereal

Trans #3

(4) Stayfree Pads = $15.96

(2) B1G1 RP 1/3 = $5.98
(2) $1 off any stayfree found here = $2.00

Total: $1.94
Saved: $14.98 or 89%
Earned: $8ecb (they had to go in and print them manually)

I have 2 more trans I want to do. Trans #4 includes another toothbrush and Gillette razor, and trans #5 (4) diet dr. peppers!!!

3/7 Big John's spent $4.06 saved 57%

10lb Potatoes = $1.99
Coke Zero = $2.00
Oreo Cakesters = $3.29
(2) Prairie Farms Sour Cream = $1.98

$1/2 Prairie Farms
Free Oreo Cakesters
$1 off any coke product

Total: $4.06
Saved: $5.29 or 57%

3/7 Dollar General spent $1.08 saved 65%

(2) Band-aids $1.00 = $2.00
(1) Stapler (for my coupons) $1.00

(2) $1 off Johnson's Band-aid product

Total: $1.08
Saved: $2.00 or 65%

3/7 Wags trip #1 Spent $0.13 saved 99%

I had $10 in RR expiring today from the Joint Juice deal. Here's how I spent it!!!

(6) St. Louis Post Dispatch $1.50 = $9.00
1 Orbit 2/$2 = $1
1 Eclipse 2/$2 = $1

Coupon from March coupon booklet. Took $1 off the gum

Total= $0.13
Saved $11.58 or 99%

Also I took all my coupon-less papers to a local nursing home. I was throwing them away but at least this way someone can enjoy them. The nurse was very shocked that I was doing this. It feels good to give back!!! I encourage everyone else to do the same :o)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saying bye to my coupon binder and hello to my new system!!!

My new coupon organizing system!!!!

I started couponing in August of 2009. I right away went with a coupon binder. I spent a lot of time and effort on it. At the time I really thought that was what I wanted. I am not the kind of person who can take my binder in stores with me. I have to plan out to a T what I am going to buy. I'm a list maker. Well... I haven't clipped coupons for the past month. I'm tired of clipping every coupon, and then filing them away in their proper categories. So I remembered something I saw on She goes into extreme detail. I'm just going to briefly show you what works for me. This method won't work for everyone. I think the binder is a fantastic idea and I will still have my binder intact if I ever decide to switch back. So do what works best for you!!!

I already had this filing system sterilite container. I love it. You can find these at walmart or the dollar stores for just under $5. It has a locking lid on it. And it's a great size. You could use anything that holds hanging file folders. I like this one because it's very light and mobile. And those are my sons hands all over it.. haha.I then went to office depot and purchased some hanging file folders. I chose the Smead multicolored pack of 25. They were $9.49 for a box of 25. I wrote in pencil on the tabs so I can change them when I need to. The way I now sort my coupons is by insert & date. I will keep the newest inserts in front. I also took all my inserts and combined all like pages so when I need to clip a particular coupon I can do so easily. I think I may also take a few minutes every Sunday and write down what coupons I have and the amount that way I can place a list with each insert.

This small organizer is the one I keep in my purse at all times. This is what I will use to store what coupons I plan to use at each store. I also have a spot for Register Rewards and Extra Care Bucks. I believe mine has 12 sections to it. Customize this for your needs. If you have any questions leave a comment!!! I hope I covered everything. I wrote this while dealing with my 19 month old crawling ALL OVER me!!!

3/7 Sunday Coupon Preview

There will be 3 inserts this weekend. Smart Source, Red Plum, and P&G. Coupons vary by region. I typically buy the St. Louis Post Dispatch. That's what sells at my Wags and I typically use RR to buy them. For local readers you can also find the Chicago, Tennessean, STL, and Southern Illinoisan paper at Books A Million!!!

Click HERE for Smart Source
Click HERE for Red Plum
Click HERE for P&G

I think I'm gonna buy 6 papers this week!!! :o)

Yay I FINALLY bought a freezer :o)

We went and bought a freezer last night at home depot. I was going to get the 7 cu chest freezer bc i'm a big cheapo!!! But I really wanted an upright but didn't want to pay $500+ We were SOOOO excited when we found his upright. It is 8.8 cu and it's adorable. It's not huge, but it's perfect for our needs. We're a family of 3 and more poor side by side fridge can't hold anything else in the freezer!!! lol For an extra $100 we were able to get our upright. For anyone else who may be looking for a new freezer this one is $300 at Home Depot and it is made by Magic Chef. This is not on the website, it was just in the store.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Super Savings Saturday saved 39% (haha) :o)

Total Spent: $54.02
(Under Budget by $20.98)
Total Saved: $34.62 or 39%

Walgreens: Details HERE
Spent: $2.69
Saved: $32.53 or 92%
$12 RR's left for next week

Big John's: Details HERE
Spent: $16.65

Omaha Steak Company: Details HERE
Spent: $21.50

Walmart: Details HERE
Spent: $13.18
Saved: $2.09 or 13%

How did you do this week??? Please Link up or leave a comment!!


I'm soooooooooo NOT a fan of walmart anymore. They made me mad when I tried to use a coupon last month. They had their monopoly deal game clearanced to $3 and I had a $4 off monopoly game and I used it just find and got $1 overage. Then I went a few days later and they said they couldn't take it... blah blah blah. That it was clearanced and they couldn't take it. I would personally think that if you have it on clearance you would gladly get it off the shelf. OH WELL. THEIR LOSS!!!! Also... walmart is remodeling. Don't know if this is nationwide. BUT OMG... it's like a tornado tore through there. And apparantly they have a new register system. I went to the EXPRESS line... and waited for like 15 mins. Then it was finally my turn. I bought my few groceries. Well we needed milk so I grabbed milk and I had found a coupon at Wags for $1 off milk when you buy any Soft & Smooth bread. And I had a $0.55 off any Soft & Smooth bread coupon. The OLD lady... poor thing... trying to figure out the new registers went back through my grocery bag to make sure I got the right bread. Sigh... I hate walmart. And bless her heart... SOOOOOO here's how I did...

(2) McCormick Slow Cookers $3.00
Grapes $1.80
Bananas $0.88
Bread $1.78
Juice $4.00
Milk $3.27

Coupons Used:

$1 off Milk when you buy any Soft & Smooth Bread $1.00
$0.55 off any Soft & Smooth Bread $0.55

Total: $13.18

Wags saved 92%

So excited about this Wags trip :o) I went earlier in the day around 3ish and it was pretty busy at my store. I was trying to find the Vicks cough drops and had no luck. Then I came home and read on hip2save's blog that people were finding these by the candy area. So after I put my son to bed I ran up to Wags at around 8:30. I knew it would be pretty dead, I live in a small town. So imagine how estatic I was when I found these :o)!!!!!! You can still do this deal until your
P&G coupons expire on 3/31. You might even want to order more from a coupon clipping site or Ebay. Here's how my trans went.

(10) Vick's cough drops 2/$1.79 = $17.90
(5) Puff's w/ Lotion $2.49 = $12.45
(2) Purex B1G1 Free = $5.99

coupons Used:

(5) $1.50 off any Vick's $7.50
(5) Free Puffs wyb 2 Vicks products $12.45
(1) B1G1 Free Purex $5.99

subtotal: $1.45
Tax: $1.15 (tax was almost as much as my total)
Total: $2.69

I wasn't sure what puffs to grab, but since the coupon didn't specify I got the good ones!! lol :o) Also I only used (5) Vick's coupon b/c I didn't want it to beep. Hope you guys can score this deal too!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Big John's $16.65

I'm down to my last pound of ground beef. I was happy with this price!!!

4lbs Lean Ground Beef $6.36 ($1.59lb)
4lbs Lean Ground Beef $6.36 ($1.59lb)
Bread $0.99
Lettuce $1.79
Lite Sour Cream $0.99

Total Spent: $16.65

20 Ribeye's for $20

The Omaha Steak Company came to a local town and had the 20 Ribeye's for $20. Sounded like a good enough deal to me. Well.... I bought them and they definitely aren't the same thing i'm used to. When hubby & I cook Ribeye's we get about 1lb steaks or larger. But I will say, these are perfect for steak sandwiches, and maybe to do with breakfast. I'm just glad I didn't buy more than one box of these. They equal out to be 4oz each and 5lbs total. So $4 a lb for Ribeye. Just a heads up for anyone else that may hear or see about this deal. This is what you can expect.

Total Spent: $21.50