Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sinus Infection, Wisdom Teeth, and Canker sores... :(

So I have been sick since... oh last FRIDAY!!! I have the wonderful Sinus problems with the stuffy nose and drowsiness. If that's not BAD enough... my bottom 2 wisdom teeth are coming in. They are growing under my molars... YIKES!!! Time to go to the dentist and see how much this is gonna cost!!! :o) AND... I bit my lip like 3 times in the same spot and I now have a lovely canker sore. I can't wait to feel better. I did drag myself out of the house today to hit Kroger, CVS, and Wags. I sat at my laptop with my coupons and I just couldn't get focused. I was trying to print this and that, and look at coupon match ups... then I decided I didn't care if I missed a deal. I just wanted to get somethings that I knew I needed. I didn't even get my coupons on Sunday :( I'm thinking of ordering some from Coupon Dede... I got showered, did my hair, threw a lil makeup on, and crawled in my hubby's lap and told him I just didn't feel like leaving the house. So I wasted all my energy trying to look presentable!! lol Sorry to bore you all with this... I just had to rant... because quite frankly i'm tired of being sick!!! Got any home remedies out there that work??? If so PLEASE pass along!!!!


  1. Sure wish I could help you :( Sorry about the teeth, hopefully that will be better news than you think. The cankers? If we lived closer I could give you all my free CVS sore meds LOL The Sinus - have you ever used one of those sinus rinse bottle things? I think it's called Sinu-rinse or something? I know a few people who swear by them. As far as the coupons go, have you ever asked at the library or somewhere like that to see if you can get the Sunday coupons from their paper? My aunt owns a little gas station and all the papers that are leftover she saves the coupons and splits them between me & my other aunt. They don't have to send the papers back for credit, only the dates. So, anywhere that may have leftover Sunday papers - free coupons! :) Hope you feel better!

  2. Aw, sounds like everything has hit at once! I'm getting my wisdom teeth out next month. If you don't have dental insurance, look for a dental school. They'll be just as good but much cheaper!

  3. Toni---

    Thanks for the health tips!!! I have thought about the Neti Pot thing, I think it's similar to what you are talking about. I've just been doing some nose spray and dealing with it. The last time I had a sinus infection was Christmas and before that August. So i'm getting them anywhere from every 2-4 months. Maybe it's because the trees and flowers and stuff :) lol.

    We have about 4 gas stations, wags, dollar store, family dollar, and a grocery store. Maybe I could get in contact with all of them and see if I could work out an arrangement. I'm tired of spending lots of money on coupons. Thanks for the info!! :)


    Yeah isn't that how everything goes? It hits you all at once. On top of that i've got a toddler!! haha. I've been very grumpy the past days and I think my mood has transferred to him!! :) We don't have dental, but i'm gonna find a place that will hopefully do payment plans. And unfortunately we don't have a dental school, just a dental assisting program. However they may be able to do xrays or something, that way I don't have to pay for that at the oral surgeon!! Good luck with yours!! Let me know how it goes. I finish school in may and i have a month off before I have to take my state boards so I think i'm gonna try and get mine done then and I'd like to know how your recovery goes!!


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