Sunday, March 7, 2010

3/7 Wags trip #1 Spent $0.13 saved 99%

I had $10 in RR expiring today from the Joint Juice deal. Here's how I spent it!!!

(6) St. Louis Post Dispatch $1.50 = $9.00
1 Orbit 2/$2 = $1
1 Eclipse 2/$2 = $1

Coupon from March coupon booklet. Took $1 off the gum

Total= $0.13
Saved $11.58 or 99%

Also I took all my coupon-less papers to a local nursing home. I was throwing them away but at least this way someone can enjoy them. The nurse was very shocked that I was doing this. It feels good to give back!!! I encourage everyone else to do the same :o)


  1. Mandy that is a great idea!! I throw away unread papers every week. I have a nursing home right around the corner.

    I would love if you would link this to Shop to Give Sunday.


  2. I just noticed that you purchase the St. Louis Post Dispatch-Do U live in St. Louis?

  3. No I actually live in the very bottom tip of IL!!! lol St. Louis is the best paper for our area. So that is why I purchase that one!!

  4. Giving back is why couponing was invented!
    We have a prodject going called Change the World with Change


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