Friday, March 5, 2010


I'm soooooooooo NOT a fan of walmart anymore. They made me mad when I tried to use a coupon last month. They had their monopoly deal game clearanced to $3 and I had a $4 off monopoly game and I used it just find and got $1 overage. Then I went a few days later and they said they couldn't take it... blah blah blah. That it was clearanced and they couldn't take it. I would personally think that if you have it on clearance you would gladly get it off the shelf. OH WELL. THEIR LOSS!!!! Also... walmart is remodeling. Don't know if this is nationwide. BUT OMG... it's like a tornado tore through there. And apparantly they have a new register system. I went to the EXPRESS line... and waited for like 15 mins. Then it was finally my turn. I bought my few groceries. Well we needed milk so I grabbed milk and I had found a coupon at Wags for $1 off milk when you buy any Soft & Smooth bread. And I had a $0.55 off any Soft & Smooth bread coupon. The OLD lady... poor thing... trying to figure out the new registers went back through my grocery bag to make sure I got the right bread. Sigh... I hate walmart. And bless her heart... SOOOOOO here's how I did...

(2) McCormick Slow Cookers $3.00
Grapes $1.80
Bananas $0.88
Bread $1.78
Juice $4.00
Milk $3.27

Coupons Used:

$1 off Milk when you buy any Soft & Smooth Bread $1.00
$0.55 off any Soft & Smooth Bread $0.55

Total: $13.18

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