Tuesday, March 16, 2010

3/16 Wags spent $2.73 saved $19.95 or 88%

(10) Vick's cough drops 2/$1.79 = $17.90
(5) Puff's w/ Lotion $2.49 = $12.45

coupons Used:

(5) $1.50 off any Vick's $7.50
(5) Free Puffs wyb 2 Vicks products $12.45

subtotal: $1.45
Tax: $1.28 (tax was almost as much as my total)
Total: $2.73


  1. were these Sunday paper coupons? I don't usually shop Wags because my local store isn't very coupon friendly - but for free puffs, I can stand the "coupon stink eye" for the day. :)

  2. Yes they were from the P&G. I think the newest 2 had the vicks coupons. And maybe the 2/21 pg had the puffs?? Not sure. I have 3 diff pg inserts right now. You better hurry tho they expire 3/31! I'm pretty sure you can get them at coupon dede. That's where I ordered mine. I'm about to order a few more. I didn't order enough last time. But the cough drops are by the registers by the candy. And they are on sale at mine for 2/$1.79. I only used (1) $1.50 off any vicks Q for every 2 that way I have no beeps. And then use the free puffs when you buy 2, there is no restriction so I bought the best ones that they had at my store. I've had no problems with this at either wags i've been to. I've got one more wags to hit :)!!!

  3. Wow! Great job! This is the kind of stuff that will keep you up at night making scenarios in your head. :) Well, I'll speak for myself!


  4. Jane---

    I thought I was the only person that did that!! lol I can keep myself up at night thinking of coupons deals and scenarios. lol

    I know have 20 boxes of cough drops and 10 boxes of kleenex. And the cough drops aren't horrible!! lol I plan to get more!! :o)

  5. wow..for some reason my stupid wags wouldnt let me get 2 boxes of puffs for free, i used 4- 1.50 vicks coupons got 4 nyquil cough medicines, and tried to use the 2-buy 2 vicks products get a free box of puffs... the manager told me since i already used the 1.50 off coupons that i couldnt.. which really made me mad cuz ive seen it on several blogs..

  6. I hate it when Wags does stupid stuff and makes up random rules. Do you have another wags in your area?? If so I would try that!!

  7. Thanks for stopping by again! I'm bringing your name up when I do my giveaway this week for reaching 100 Google followers. You did good earlier this year. Unfortunately you can't see my trip because my page didn't exist at that time. :) Hope you have a great week!!!!!!!!!!


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