Thursday, March 18, 2010

I shop better when i'm sick... HA

So apparantly when i'm all sick and stuffy I shop better!?!?!?!? Poor cashiers probably can't understand me tho, I sound funny! I've been doing more deal shopping this week than ever. I have been SOOOOOOO excited about some of my awesome deals. I will post those later when I find the energy!!

I never do daily updates or say anything personal so I figured I would just say a little... if you read this awesome!! lol It's probably gonna be boring.

So... we really needed some news pans to cook with. We've only been married 2 years... it will be 3 years next month. And I never really cooked a lot. So i've just been buying skillets from TJ Maxx... you know the really cute ones that are brightly colored... well they are good for about a year and then they die. :o) haha.... So I went to Bed Bath & Beyond today in search of some new ones. I had a $10/40 coupon... so I figured I could get a couple pans. I ended up with a Caphalon set of skillets. It was $49.99 for a 12" & 10" pan. I asked the lady at the check out if they were good pans... she laughed at me?? Seriously... i'm sorry but I don't know a lot about cooking... Apprantly they are good pans and they have a lifetime warranty. Excuse me for not knowing that!!! :) She was nice about it... i'm still young so it's ok :)

Then I went to OLD Navy... I had some stuff to return. I used a 30% coupon that you can find HERE I ended getting Mr. Keaton (my son) 3 tee's, one pair of shorts, and 2 flip flops for like $10!!! :) I bought him a ton of clothes from Carter's last month and they are HUGE... they are size 24 months and my poor child will be 2 in July. He's skinny... so they don't fit him sooo good. So I betcha we will have to wait til Fall to fit into those clothes!! He's still in a size 12 months at Children's Place!!!

Then we hit Home Depot for some boring paint stuff... I hate to paint... but my walls are crying for a change :o)

We then went to Petsmart to look at the poor cats... :o( I wish I could adopt one... but i have a PSYCHOTIC cat as is and she is not friendly with other cats. We did have a cat find us recently... it comes to us at night and eats and sleeps on our porch. During the day I have no idea where this cat is. I have deemed it my new outside cat :) lol

I someone talked my hubby into going to Texas Roadhouse with me & Keaton right after that. It was a NIGHTMARE... I hate going out to eat with my child. He's good for the most part he just won't sit still.... and I don't get to enjoy my food.

After that my hubby and I parted ways so I could keep shopping!! Keaton and I hit Kroger, Walgreens, CVS (didn't buy anything), came back to Metropolis, we were in Paducah it's right across the river. It's only 10 miles away and it's where you have to go to get to Kroger, CVS, Walmart, and the mall stuff. My lil town only has a family dollar, dollar store, save a lot, small grocery store, and a wags!!! We hit the wags in my town before going home.

And now here I sit... my knees hurt because I always sit Indian Style with my legs... haha. I'm glad that today is almost over :o) It has been an eventful one. Ahhh I also had a plumber at my house all morning... can't wait to see that bill!!!!!!! I hope everyone had a wonderful day!!! Thanks for listening to my babbling!!!!!


  1. I just want to say - Calphalon pans are the only ones I will use. Heck with all the pretty colored pans and what-not - they are the best I've ever owned. I have used that same set for over 2 years now (EVERY day) and they are still wonderful. When I stored them in the cabinet, I do put a flour sack type towel between them to avoid any scratching while they are stacked. Actually, I just received another of this same set to do a review on my blog this week.

    Oh, did I tell you how much I love these pans? ;)

  2. Haha believe it or not I thought about you when i bought these. I saw them on your blog the other day and clicked on the link you listed. So I when I went to Bed Bath & Beyond I thought "I think these are the ones Toni uses" hehe :)

  3. Hey Mandy just wanted to let you know that yesterday I saw a cool zebra area rug at Walmart. It was $40 something. I almost got out my cell phone and snapped a pic for you. LOL

  4. OMG!!! :o) I'm going to Walmart today soooo I WILL check that out!!! Thanks :) Hopefully they have one at my store.


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