Friday, May 28, 2010

Super Savings Saturday saved 74%

Big John's: HERE, HERE, & HERE
Spent: $29.61
Saved: $41.29

Walmart: HERE & HERE

Wags: HERE
Spent: $12.18
Saved: $45.86

Spent: $1.50
Saved: $46.46
Ecb left: $2

Total Spent: $62.49
Total Saved: $182.90 or 74%

So how did you do this week???

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(I missed seeing everyones totals the past 2 weeks but I was out of town visiting my parents and sister... so no shopping for me :o)

5/25 Walmart $13.32 saved $3

Pepperoncini $1.93

Loreal Eyeshadow $4.16
used $1 off coupon

Covergirl Lipgloss $4.94
used $1 off coupon

Rimmel Bronzer $4.48
used $1 off coupon

Total: $13.32
Saved: $3

5/25 CVS Spent $0.03 saved $36.48

Trans #1 (drove to 3 CVS's to get Ragu!!!)

(6) Ragu $10
used (2) $1.25/3 ragu

1 Starburst gummy (for Keaton) $0.48

Used $8 in ECB

Total: $0.03
Saved: $20.63

ECB Earned: $3

Trans #2

(2) Pantene Shampoo/Cond $6.97
used $2/2 from mailer

(6) Candy Bars $2.88

Used $3 ECB

Total: $5.38 on giftcard
Saved: $15.85

ECB Left: $2

Thursday, May 27, 2010

5/24 Big John's Spent $ 6.26 saved $12.65

(3) Coke 6 pack bottles $7.50
used (3) $1 off coke products from recycle bank

(4) French's Worcestershire $3.92
used (4) $.50 coupons that doubled to FREE

Onion $0.49

Spent: $6.26
Saved: $12.65

5/24 Walmart Spent $5.88 saved $5

Alright... I don't LOVE walmart... but they sent me a $5 gift card... and I can't let $5 go to waste!! :o) I spent $5 of walmarts money and $5.88 of my own... so walmart made a lil money off of me.

Pie Crust $2.17 (cheaper at save a lot $1.69)
GV trash bags $3.17 (needed these)
GV granola bars $2.98 (love these... just enough choc for a sweet fix)
GV Sour Cream $1.23
6 ears of corn $1.14 ($.19 each!!!!)

Total: $10.88
used $5 walmart gc
Paid $5.88 oop
Saved: $5

5/24 CVS Spent $1.47 saved $9.98 $4 money maker

(2) Old Spice Body Wash $8.00
used B1G1 from 5/2 P&G
total= $4

CVS Kiwi Conditioner $.99
used $1 any cvs hair care from coupon machine

Used $3 ecb from last week

Total: $1.47
Saved: $9.98

ECB's Earned: $8

5/24 Wags spent $12.18 saved $45.86

(4) Off Starter Kits $35.96
used (2) B1G1 Free took off $17.98
used $2 off Off Starter kit from last rp (used this on the 2 i didn't get for free)
used wags coupon for $2 off start kit (took off $8)
so for 4 off start kits I paid = $5.98!!!!!!

(2) Dixie paper plates 45ct $3.99 (b1g1 this week)

(2) Noxema Bikini shavers $6.98
used (2) $2 off noxema shavers
-$3.49 for B1G1 sale
$0.51 in overage after coupons

Total Spent: $12.18 ($2.72 of that was tax)
Saved: $45.86

Monday, May 24, 2010

5/23 Big John's

Freschetta Pizza $5.89
used free coupon from giveaway

(6) Dawn Dishsoap $5.94
used (6) $0.25 coupons- doubled to $0.50 each

(4) Breyers Yo Crunch Yogurt $1.96
used $0.50 off 4 doubled to $1

(6) Farmland Sausage $10.14
used (4) $0.55 any farmland & $1/2 sausage

(4) Hunt's Ketchup $3.96
used (4) $0.20 off doubled to $0.40

Spent: $13.48
Saved: $27.15

5/23 Big John's

Bread $1.19

Bananas $1.65
5lb Potatoes $0.99
(4) Newspapers $6.00

Spent: $9.87
Saved: $1.49

Mailbox Monday

So I was out of town for about a week and a half.. so it was left up to my husband to get the mail. There was mail scattered throughout different rooms of my house. I think I rounded it all up!!!

I got a hair shampoo/conditioner sample from John Frieda.
Free issue of Cosmopolitan magazine
Gift pack from winning a giveaway included car organizer, weekly organizer, etch a sketch, and free gogurt.
Sample package from P&G- Iams cat food, metamucil, cascase, pantene, and coupons
Sample package from Kraft- Wheat thins (hubby ate them), 3 latte samples, free coupon for oscar mayer deli meat, free coupon for mac n cheese
Free sample from Just like sugar
CVS coupon for huggies jeans diapers
Free coupon for Kraft Mac N Cheese from facebook
Free Digornio coupon from giveaway
$5 walmart giftcard
$10 Mail in Rebate for my husband

It was Christmas when I got home and saw all of this!!! Isn't it fun to check the mailbox!?!?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm on mini Vacation!!!

Hey everyone!!! Sorry I didn't write sooner!!! I'm on vacation visiting my family in Ohio. It was an 8 1/2 drive. I drove with just me and my son Keaton. He did wonderful!!! He watched spoungebob the whole time. I will be returning home on Saturday and will get back to couponing.
So far we have gone out to eat a lot, gone shopping, and we went to the Pittsburgh zoo. My son is all out of sorts so I can't wait to get home and get back on schedule!!! Also I terribly miss my husband!!! Just wanted to update everyone and let you know where i've been hiding :o)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Stamp Out Hunger Donation

Tomorrow is National Stamp Out Hunger Day. Go here for the details!!!

How can you help???

Place Items you wish to donate in a bag near your mailbox!!! Please don't include expired items or items in a glass jar. Your mail carrier will deliver the items to your local food bank!!!

The above photo is what I will be setting out beside my mailbox tomorrow!!! I hope you can participate, even if it just a few items!!!

If you participated and blogged about this please link up!!!

Super Savings Saturday saved 78%

Total Spent: $49.38
Total Saved: $179.78 or 78%

Wags: Details HERE, HERE, & HERE
Spent: $8.81
Saved: $56.55
RR Left: $10

CVS: Details HERE
Spent: $0.15
Saved: $8.76
ECB Left: $1

Kroger: Details HERE
Spent: $1.81
Saved: $31.68

Walmart: Details HERE
Spent: $38.61
Saved: $22.00

Toys R Us: Details HERE
Spent: $0
Saved: $40.99

How did you do this week??? Please link up below... also if you become a follower leave a comment and I will follow you back!!!

Couponing for Community Donation!!!

Go HERE to see what other bloggers have donated!!! Also go HERE for all the details on Couponing for Community!!!

I went through my stockpile and here is what I donated to a local women's shelter.

(9) Carefree Pads
(12) Stayfree Pads
U by Kotex Pads
(4) Sure Deodorant
(3) 2 ct Reach Toothbrushes
(2) Reach Dental Floss
(3) Razors
(7) Bottles of Shampoo/Conditioner
(4) Shave Gel
(4) Johnson's Buddies

I donated 50 items!!! I prob spent less than $5 on all of this!!! Couponing is a GREAT way to help out others in our community!!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

5/5 Walmart Spent $38.61 saved $22

My out of pocket was high because of the cat food. I prob should of just bought one bag but there was extra room in our budget. I don't really need anything this week i've just been trying to stock up on things this week. Also i will be going out of town next week to visit my parents and won't be home doing any shopping.

Cat Food $12.44
used $1 coupon

Cat Food $12.44
used $1 coupon

Grapes $2.37

Bananas $0.68

Celery $1.00

Pull Ups Flushable Wipes $1.64
used $1 off coupon

Pull Ups Flushable Wipes $1.64
used $1 off coupon

Carefree Liners $0.94 (donation)
used $1 coupon

Carefree Liners $0.94 (donation)
used $1 coupon

Stride 3 pack of gum $2.68

Nivea Body Wash $3.97
used $4 off coupon

Nivea Body Wash $3.97
used $4 off coupon

Nivea Body Wash $3.97
used $4 off coupon

Nivea Body Wash $3.97
used $4 off coupon

(2) Benadryl Itch Sticks $4.76
used $5/2 coupon

(2) Mac N Cheese 5 packs $5.00
$0.50 a box!!! :o)

Total Spent: $38.61
Coupon Savings $22

Toys R Us: FREE Diapers!!! :o)

Alright... if you go HERE and Join the Toys R Us loyalty program you can get a free value box of diapers after you purchase 9 value boxes. For the most part this is how I buy my diapers. I usually buy a few boxes every 2-3 months. I always wait until there are Toys R Us coupons/Gift card deals when you buy 2 boxes or more/and manufacturer coupons. I finally got my coupon for a free box. I would have paid $40.99 plus tax!!! I also bought my son the little car but I don't count that in my grocery/household budget.

Total Spent: $0
Total Saved: $40.99

5/5 Kroger $1.81 Saved $31.68

First I went to and Loaded a $3/2 Old Spice Deo & a $3/2 Old Spice Body Wash.

Also this week once you purchase 4 participating P&G products you get off $4 instantly.

So here is what I bought!!!

(2) Old Spice Deodorant $7.00
used B1G1 from P&G deducted $3.99 (thats the presale price)
Kroger e coupon for $3/2

(2) Old Spice Body Wash $7.00
used B1G1 from P&G deducted $3.99 (thats the presale price)
Kroger e coupon for $3/2

Pampers $8.99 (gift)
used $1.50 coupon

2 Huggies Wipes $3.98
used (2) $0.50 coupons doubled to $1 off each = $2

-$4 from P&G promotion (buying the body wash & deo gave me $4 overage)

Used $5 Gift Card I recieved from Krogers Consumer Program.

Paid $1.81
Saved: $31.68 or 95%

If I wouldn't of had the $5 gift card I would have only saved 82%!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

5/4 Wags Spent $1.78 saved $30.28

(4) Mens Nivea $15.96
(4) Sure Deodorant $6.00
(2) Royal Pudding (fillers) $0.50

(4) $3 off Nivea Men's Body Wash
(4) $1.50 off Sure
In ad coupon to make the deodorant $1..50 each
In ad coupon to make royal pudding $0.25 each
$4 in RR

Total: $1.78
Saved: $30.28
Earned: $5 RR

5/4 CVS Spent: $0.15 Saved $8.76

(4) Sobe Lifewater $4.38
On sale for B1G1 this week!!!

B1G1 Free Sobe Lifewater Printable

Spent: $0.15
Saved: $8.76

5/3 Wags spent $4.79 saved $26.07

(3) Nivea Body Wash $16.77
(2) Royal Pudding $0.50
(2) Froot Loops $5.00

B1G1 Nivea Body Wash from May All You
(2) $4 off Nivea Body Wash
$1/2 Kellogg's Printable
In Ad Coupon to make Royal Pudding $0.25 each
$4 RR

Total: $4.79
Saved: $26.07
Earned: $7 RR

I could have spent less out of pocket if I would have been paying more attention to what I was doing. I could have Bought the Nivea and then used that RR to pay for the cereal in the next transaction. Oh well!! :o) But it is much better if you can break your transactions down into smaller ones. You can really save more out of pocket.

5/2 Wags Spent $2.24 saved $20

(6) Newspapers $9.00
(2) Froot Loops $5.00
(2) Sure Deodorant $3.00

$11 RR
(2) $1.50 Sure Deo
$1/2 Kelloggs Cereal Printable

Total: $2.24
Saved: $20.00
Earned: $2 RR

Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekly Donations & Couponing for Community!!!

I would have posted this yesterday but our internet was down due to storms all weekend!!! Here is what I will be adding to my donation box this week. These were FREE plus they were $2 money makers each!! I got all of these at Wags.

Donating the things that we get free or cheap is a great way to help others and our community.

I will also be joining other bloggers as we donate items to our local community!! Kaley @ ChaChing on a Shoestring has put together Couponing for Community May 2nd-8th. Click on the link to find out more!!!

I strongly encourage YOU to help out if at all possible!!! You can donate to a local cause, an animal shelter, or to a friend or family member in need.