Friday, May 7, 2010

Couponing for Community Donation!!!

Go HERE to see what other bloggers have donated!!! Also go HERE for all the details on Couponing for Community!!!

I went through my stockpile and here is what I donated to a local women's shelter.

(9) Carefree Pads
(12) Stayfree Pads
U by Kotex Pads
(4) Sure Deodorant
(3) 2 ct Reach Toothbrushes
(2) Reach Dental Floss
(3) Razors
(7) Bottles of Shampoo/Conditioner
(4) Shave Gel
(4) Johnson's Buddies

I donated 50 items!!! I prob spent less than $5 on all of this!!! Couponing is a GREAT way to help out others in our community!!!!


  1. Awesome Job Mandy!!! :) I hope to get my post up tonight. Today has been crazy trying to get ready for Florida on Monday morning.

  2. Great job ! How i didn't know about this till today is unreal ! i'm always on all the coupon sites. Stop by sometime

  3. Thanks everyone!!!

    Amber--- I'm going on a trip next week also!!! 9+ hours alone with my almost 2 year old!! We're going to Ohio to visit my parents!!! Have a great time in FL!!!

  4. Good luck Mandy!! LOL At least he will probably sleep a lot. I will probably here a lot of moaning and groaning all the way there. Jonah is already moaning "why can't we just fly", mind you she has never flown. Asked her if she had about a grand to pay for said flying and she shut up. Can't wait that girl is going to complain a lot!! LOL

  5. We are giving to a women's center too! What a joy to help others from our blessings!

  6. Wow! Awesome! Giving is so much fun! I can't wait to build up my stockpile to give again!


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