Friday, January 29, 2010

Big Lots Spent $6.34

I wanted to Spend my 20% off coupon and see what deals I could find. After my 20% off I got:

7 boxes of single sleeve ritzs @ $0.32 each = $2.24
6 cans of fruit @ $0.40 each = $2.40
1 HOT PINK :o) Coupon Organizer @ $1.60
Total Spent $6.34

Dollar General Spent $5.10 Saved $8.00 61% savings

The band aids & carefree were free this week. I paid $5.10 for everything pictured.

CVS: Gatorade & Sobe Lifewater 73% Savings

So... I have to admit. I've been a bit lazy this week. Sometimes you just need a break from dealseeking. I didn't even look at the Wags & CVS matchups. After class the other night I went to CVS in search of some Beef Jerky. My husband loves it and always asks for it. And yeah... it's not really in my budget... but darnit... he works hard and the least I can do is get him some jerky!!! :o) So I went in and they wanted $4.99 a bag... when I knew it was the same price at Wags for 2 bags. So I skipped getting it at CVS and snagged some Gat & Sobe. My hub loves this also and it keeps him out of my Diet Dr. Pepper!! :) They are 4/$5 and when you buy $20 you get a $10ecb.

8 Sobes $10
8 Gatorade $10
Total $21.20
Paid with $12 Ecb
New Total $9.20
Recieved $10ECB
Saved $25.44

Kroger 3 dif Trips spent $16.22 and saved $48.08 74% savings!!!!!!

Things that were FREE this week!!! The 5 Yakisoba, 9 gatorade, and 4 tony's pizzas were completely free after coupons!! Yay :o). The 10 bags of rice cakes were $0.05 each. They were $0.79 after buying them for sale with the Mega Event and I had 10 of the $0.75 Q's Pretty much everything else I bought was on Manager's Special. This was 3 diff shopping trips. Total Spent on all 3 was $16.22 and I saved.... $48.08 bringing my savings at 74%. My sales run Wed-Tues. So I plan to do my Mega Event shopping next Monday after class.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Stock up on meat!!! Wahooo :o) 15.73 lbs for just $17.40

We have a local grocery store called Big John. Now... it's the only grocery store in our small town... so yeah they charge an arm and a leg. I only buy the things I need ASAP or great sales. They had sirloin pork chops for $0.99lb, and pork steaks for $1.29lb. I just cooked the last of our pork chops 2 nights ago, and were down to 2 small packs of pork steaks. So I was SOOO excited that they had meat this cheap. So here's a breakdown!!!

1/2 gallon whole milk- $1.33
1/2 gallon 2% - $1.33
Pork steak $4.31
Pork Steak $4.72
Chops $2.47
Chops $3.06
Chops $2.84

I spent a total of $20.26 on almost 16lbs of meat and a gallon of milk!!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Planner from Snapfish for $1.49 Shipped

So excited to say that I just ordered a super cute planner from Snapfish for $1.49 shipped. They are reg $9.99 and $1.49 for shipping. But for new customers you can get a $10 credit. Keep in mind though that the $10 credit is only good for 5 days. All you need is a new e-mail address to sign up!!! I'm a full time student and wife/mommy so I def need one of these :o) That's the cover of the one I ordered :) That's my soon to be 18 month old Keaton!!!

First, you’ll need to go through this link and register for a new account ( if you already have an account, think about registering your hubby or another family member–all you need to register is a new email address). Once registered through the link above, you’ll have earned a FREE $10 Snapfish credit!

Now you can start creating your own notebook/planner. Just click on the upper tab labeled “store” and then in the small search box on the upper left hand side type in “planner”. Finally click on the first option which should state “Snapfish:Notebooks”. Now just scroll down and choose what type of notebook you’d like to create! You’ll then be able to custom design your notebook with a photo, a personal note, and more! After you’ve finished, head to checkout! Please be aware that the $10 credit WILL NOT be applied until after you enter your credit card info! Your final cost should come to $1.49 (+ tax) shipped! I even used paypal to pay for this.

A big thanks to HIP2SAVE!!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Follow-

Hey guys!! Decided to join up with other bloggers!!! Follow me on my right side bar and leave me a comment on this post and I will return the favor!!! Thanks :o)

MckLinky Blog Hop

CVS Saved 96% this week!!!!!!!!!

Spent: $4.49
Saved: $99.81 or 96%

Trans #1

(6) Diet Dr. Pepper $20

Coupons Used
$5/20 CVS coupon
$14 ECB

Paid = $1.90
Received $10 ECB Pepsi & $1 ECB for Green Tag
Saved $31.94

Trans #2

(6) Diet Dr. Pepper $20
(1) Dove Candy $0.50
(1) Stacy's Pita Chips $3
(1) Trident gum $1.29

Coupons Used
$5/20 CVS coupon
Free Stacy's Pita Chips -$3.29 (not sure why it took off the extra $0.29)
$16 in ECB's

Paid $1.54
Received $10 ECB for Pepsi
Saved : $37.91

Trans #3

(2) Soy Joy $6 each = $12
(1) Travel Size Lotion $0.99

Coupons Used:
$1 off any hand or body lotion
$11 ECB's

Paid $1.05
Received $12 ECB for Soy Joy
Saved $14.98

Trans #4

(2) Soy Joy $6 each = $12

Coupons used: $12 ECB

Total= $0 no tax on food in KY
Saved $14.98
Received $12 ECB

Wags Spent $0.30 :o)

Total Spent on both $1.30
Saved on both $12.98
Received $1rr
Like Paying $0.30 after RR

First Transaction

2 newspapers = $3.00
2 Wet ones = $4.00

Used (2) $1.50 off 1 Wet ones
and (2) 2 RR

Paid $0.25
Received $1 RR for the Wet Ones

Trans #2 Hubby wanted beef jerky...

2 Beef Jerky 2/$5

Used $4 RR
Paid $1.05

Lovin' Kroger :o) Saved 67%

What I bought:
(4) Uncle Ben's Rice $1.17 each on closeout = $4.68
used 4 $1 off any Uncle Ben's Ready rice
Paid $0.68 for 4

(2) Gatorade Smaller Size $1 each = $2.00
Used 2 $0.50 coupons. Doubled to $1 off
Paid = Free!! :)

(2) Gatorade Larger size $2.09 each = $4.18
Used 2 $0.50 coupons. Doubled to $1 off
Paid= $2.18 for 2

(4) Suave Deodorants $1 each = $4
Used (3) $0.50 coupons doubled to $1 each
and (1) $0.75 off coupon
Paid= $0.25 for 4

2.5 lbs of Bananas @ $0.49 lb = $1.23

Kroger Batard Bread $0.25
This was on managers special in the front by the registers. This bread was soooooo good!!!

Kroger Kaiser rolls $0.99
Managers Special

(3) Birdseye Veggies $1 each = $3
used 3 $0.35 coupons doubled to $0.70 off
Paid = $0.90 for 3

(1) Birdseye Veggie $2.50
used $0.35 off coupon doubled to $0.70
*thought this was one of the $1 veggies... didn't realize til I got home. Normally wouldn't pay that but I was past the point of caring!!! I think I can take a $2 loss. :o)
Paid = $1.80

(2) Pork Roast 0.99 lb!!! :o)
Paid $7.96 for almost 8 lbs of Pork Roast

(4) Beechnut Meals $1.19 each = $4.76
used 4 $1 off coupons
Paid = $0.76 for 4

Colonial Bread $1

Total: $17.18
MFG CPN savings: $15.65
Kroger Bonus Coupon: $4.90
Kroger Plus savings $15.71
Total Savings: $36.26 or 67%

Free Carefree @ Dollar General!! :o) Saved 46%

So we have some MAJOR backed up drains at our house... SOOO ANNOYING!!! So I ran to Dollar General to get some Liquid Plumber. I also wanted to get some of the free packs of carefree pads. I was going to get the bandaids also but after looking at the coupon the $1box of bandaids wasn't listed on the coupon and I'm very honest with my couponing so I just let it go. I did order some $1 off any Johnson bandaids and will go back and use those. But when you walk into to DG they have coupons beside the weekly ads. There are $1off any carefree pads in them making them FREE!!!!!!!! So go stock up!!!! :o)

I spent: $3.44 on and saved $4.00 bringing my savings to 46%. Not bad for a store thats already pretty cheap!!! I will be getting more pads in the following week!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Old Navy- $567.50 Worth of Clothes for JUST $64.80 saved 88%!!!!!!!

So, yeah :) I totally had to RUSH out to Old Navy last night and again today :). I had read about so many other bloggers and their awesome deals. Old Navy had their clearance at an EXTRA 50% off. I love Old Navy... and I sure do LOVE sales and saving money!!!! So I printed out my $5/25 coupon thinking I wouldn't spend more than $25. Yeah I was wrong... but I got SOOO much. Also I had every intention of working on Keaton's wardrobe for the following year. There was NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING left for his size. So I bought my husband Dustin a ton of work clothes and a few things for myself!!! I saved 88% at Old Navy, and i'm pretty excited about this :) I was able to get Dustin 3 pairs of pants, 3 long sleeve polos, a sweater vest, 6 button up shirts, 2 sweaters, 2 hoodie jackets, a tee, and 2 pairs of boxers. I got myself 5 tank tops, slippers, a hoodie jacket (I actually got this at kohls for $6 down from $30), 2 water bottles, and a package of coasters (for Dustin). I'm happy :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

My Shopping this week!!! Spent $37.29 Saved $120.49 or 76%Savings :)

Not a very interesting week for me this week. I've been spending too much time on the Computer and what not. I also started back to school this week. So I was preoccupied with that. But here is what I did this week. I didn't really need a lot. Just the basics. My freezer is stocked with meat, but i'm going to have to find some good sales on meat soon cause it's getting kind of low. So here goes... :)

Walmart Shopping $ 13.57
Spent $13.57 Saved $5.00

Walgreens $2.12
This was 2 dif trans. Also notice the dif in size in toilet paper?!?!? Yeah I totally didn't see that til I got home and took the picture. Oh well!!! Also not pictured are my coupon inserts I bought. They were free after my $6RR. I bought 4 papers.

Trans #1
2 Quilted Northern TP = $8.58

Total= $9.12
Used $8RR
Total = $1.12 oop
Saved $8

Trans #2
2 Quaker Oats 2/$3
used (2) $1 Q's
Total = $1 :)
Saved $5

Saved $6

Big John's
Spent $9.62 saved $3.30


I walked into to CVS with $14 in ECB's that were about to expire and I'm really looking forward to the 6/$20 Pepsi 12 packs since we just ran out of Diet Dr. Pepper yesterday. So I wanted to spend those ECB's on items that were going to generate more. Here's what I did.

All the Christmas was 90% off!! Yay so I bought 5 things of curling ribbon, 3 things of white tissue paper, 2 rolls of wrapping paper, I got 3 lil stocking stuffer things of body wash, and that makeup kit all for $4.46. All the stuff was around $.19-$.99 each. So I was pretty excited about my Christmas clearance.

I also got:
2 cans of Oust $3.99 each = $7.98
2 Pantene Pro V Shampoo & Conditioner 2/$6.97
2 SoyJoy Boxes $6 each = $12.00
1 Schick Razors = $1.29
2 Almay clearance make-up $1.99 each = $3.98

Total= $35.39

Coupons Used:
B1g1 oust $3.99
Pantene $3/2
Schick $1.29
$5/20 CVS Q
$13.94 in ECB's

New total= $10.74 and I received $20 in ECB's for next week.
Spent= $10.74 Saved= $86.61


Here is my Kroger shopping. I went in and looked around... Didn't really need anything but I wanted to get the Dawn Direct Foam. It was on sale for $2 each and I had (2) $1.50 off Q's. So this only cost me $1.24 with a savings of $6.58!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Free 6-pack sample of Nescafe Taster's Choice Instant Coffee

Grab a free 6-pack sample of Nescafe Taster's Choice Instant Coffee here. Limit one request per person and up to two requests per household.

Thanks Moneysavingmom!!!

Free Cream of Wheat Sample!!!!

Sorry this deal appears to be dead!!

You can snag a FREE sample of Cream of Wheat here. You’ll even get to choose from a variety of flavors! You should receive your sample within 6-8 weeks.

Thanks Hip2Save!!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Where to get all your coupon info!!!!

Hip2save is an amazing blog. I probably check her blog 12 times a day. She keeps her blog updated constantly. I feel that I owe everything I've saved to her. She has saved me so much money and shown me so many deals. Instead of trying to explain everything myself I just want to link to her page. Here are Collin's Coupon Basics, Tips, & More! Click here to find out where you can get coupons. Here is her store guide to Walgreens, and CVS. Thanks Collin for everything that you do :o)!!!! I strongly encourage you to take a look around her site.

Loving Wags this week!!!! Profit of $13.83

Walgreens is the place to be this week :) I got lots of freebies this week!!!!

I got:
(6) boxes of Chips Ahoy $0.98 each= $5.88
Swiss Miss Cocoa 75% off= 0.29 (so excited about this find, it was the last box)
(6) Reach Dental Floss $3.99 each= $23.94
(4) Glade Candles $2.50 each = $10.00
(5) Bayer Quick Release Crystals $2.29 each = 11.45
(2) M&M's 75% off $0.94 each= $1.88
Nestle Crunch Bells = $0.94
(4) Butterfinger Candies $0.12 each = $0.48

Coupons Used:
(5) Bayer Coupons $1.50 off = $7.50
(4) Glade Coupons $2 off = $8.00
(3) B1G1 Reach Floss $3.99 off= $11.97
(3) Reach Floss $1 off (for the one that wasnt free)= $3.00
Wags in store coupon $2 off reach floss took $2 off each one= $12

I received the following Reg Rewards:
(3) $2 RR for the Cookies =$6
(1) $6 RR for buying 3 Bayer =$6
(1) $3 RR for buying 2 Bayer= $3
(1) $5 RR for buying 4 Glade candles = $5

There is also a rebate I will be submitting for the Glade candles. I will get back $5 for that. My total Spent for all of the above was $11.17 out of pocket. I will get a $5 rebate. And I received $20 in Reg Rewards. I made a profit of $13.83!!!!!

Walgreens - Free Electrasol!!!!!!!!

Every Sunday morning you can find me at Walgreens buying 4 newspapers. This is wear I get my coupons. This allows me to get a good collection of coupons. I don't use every single coupon that I get in the inserts. But you never know when there is going to be a sale and that coupon would make an item Free or very cheap. I have thrown away coupons I thought I would never use just to kick myself later when I needed that coupon. Click here to get all the info you need on shopping at Walgreens. It will help you understand about Walgreens Register Reward program.

I did 4 seperate transactions.

The electrasol is on sale for $3.49 this week and you get back $1RR. There were also coupons in this Sunday's paper for $2.5o off electrasol. Making them free at Walgreens after the coupon and Register Reward.

After my coupons I spent $4.84 for 4 boxes and got back a total of $4 in Reg Rewards. So I spent only $0.84 on 4 boxes of electrasol!! Not too bad :)

Walmart Shopping 1/5/10

3 boxes Snuggle $1.87 each= $5.61
GV Tea = $2.00
Ham Slices (best ham ever)= $2.96
Ham Steaks $2.96
Bananas = $0.96
8 Muffin Mixes $0.88 each= $7.04
Total before coupons $21.35

Coupons Used:
(3) $2 off on Snuggle -$6
(2) $1 off Ham/Ham Steaks- $2
(2) $1/4 Muffin Mixes - $2

Total Spent $11.69

Kroger Shopping 1/5/10

So I desperately needed baby wipes. I tend to buy in bulk. I get all of my diapers at Toys R Us. They have a program with their Rewards R Us Program when you buy 9 huge boxes you get 1 free. So when I buy diapers I tend to buy 2 at a time. I only need to buy 2 more boxes to get my free box. Keep in mind the free box is valued at $41.99. So I think that's an awesome deal. Anyway... so I was down to my last tub of wipes and Kroger was having a promotion on P&G products. When you buy $25 worth of P&G products they take off $5 instantly. So here's what I did.

3 boxes of Pampers Wipes = $27
-$5 off since I spent over $25 on P&G
used (3) $0.50 Coupons = $1.50
my coupons doubled taking $1.50 off
New total= $19+ $1.32 tax
Total= 20.32 Total Savings $15.17
Saved 44% at Kroger

Toys R Us Shopping 1/4/10 & 1/6/10

Here is my shopping trip to Toy's R Us this week!!!

1/4/10- I was sooooo soooo soooo tired of all of Keaton's toys being in the living room so I decided to buy a toy organizer that i've had my eye on. The one I got is regularly $59.99 and I waited until it went on sale for $39.99. I justified this purchase as a Christmas present from my parents from the money they sent Keaton for Christmas! So thanks mom and dad :) So glad to have all of Keaton's toys in his own room!!!! Here are photo's and details.

I spent $46.35 total for everything pictured to the left.

Toy Organizer $39.99 Reg $59.99 saved $20
Wrapping Paper 75% off 3.99-2.99 = $1.00
Wrapping Paper 75% off 3.99-2.99 = $1.00
Wrapping Paper 75% off 1.99-1.49 = $0.50
(2) Hershey's Kisses Candy Canes 4.98-3.74 = $1.24
Tax= $2.62 Total Paid= 46.35 Total Saved= $31.21

Not too shabby!!! You gotta love Christmas Clearance and a chance to stock up on super cute wrapping paper for next year :)

So of course I had on my mind all the wrapping paper I got, and I made another trip to Paducah the other day so I decided to grab some more. Photo to the right. Here's the breakdown:

(4) Wrapping paper $1 each = $4
(2) Huggies Wipes $2.99 each = $5.98
-$3 off B1G1 Huggies Wipes
Tax= 0.60
Total= $7.58
Total Saved= $11.96

It's always good when you save more than you spend :)
Overall I'm happy with my purchases at Toys R Us.
I'm set for wrapping paper for about 3 years :)

I had a coupon for Buy one huggies wipes get one free up to $3 off.


Welcome to my frugal journey. I want to start 2010 off right. I will be taking photos of all of my purchases and documenting what I spent. This is a way for me to become more aware of my spending habits. I have been using coupons since August, and it has changed my life. I hope this can inspire everyone to become more frugal :)