Friday, January 29, 2010

Kroger 3 dif Trips spent $16.22 and saved $48.08 74% savings!!!!!!

Things that were FREE this week!!! The 5 Yakisoba, 9 gatorade, and 4 tony's pizzas were completely free after coupons!! Yay :o). The 10 bags of rice cakes were $0.05 each. They were $0.79 after buying them for sale with the Mega Event and I had 10 of the $0.75 Q's Pretty much everything else I bought was on Manager's Special. This was 3 diff shopping trips. Total Spent on all 3 was $16.22 and I saved.... $48.08 bringing my savings at 74%. My sales run Wed-Tues. So I plan to do my Mega Event shopping next Monday after class.


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! It looks like you're doing great with your savings! Since we've moved to the country, I get SO MUCH LESS for cheap and free...but the trade-off is worth it! We love country life and living near family!


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