Friday, February 26, 2010

Family Dollar : Cleaning Supplies Spent $10.09

I spent $10.09 on everything pictured. All things we needed!!

Super Savings Saturday saved 72%

This was just a complete off week for me. I didn't feel like doing anything this week. I had a horrible migrane on Monday night... and I was just... well lazy this week!! I don't work but i'm a full time student, and I take care of my son while my hubby works. Also you would DIE if you saw my coupons... I haven't clipped in SOOOOOOOO long. I seriously just want to burn them all and start fresh... Yeah I'm a bit overwhelmed. Also I've been getting ready for a consignment sale to take all my son's stuff to. I have to tag everything and hang it up. So this week wasn't thought out. I just kind of got things I guess I needed?? lol Do you ever just have one of those weeks??? But... Here's how I did... Please link up and/or leave comments :o)

Total Spent: $56.26
(under $18.74)
Wow I did a lot better than I thought I would!! :o)
Total Saved: $142.85 or 72%

CVS: Details HERE
Spent: $15.47
Saved: $52.87 or 77%
ECB's Left: $6

Wags: Details HERE & HERE
Spent: $4.98
Saved: $66.97 or 93%
RR's Left: $12

Kroger: Details HERE
Spent: $9.37
Saved: $21.02 or 70%

Big John's: Details HERE
Spent: $16.35
Saved: $1.99

Family Dollar: Details HERE
Spent: $10.09
Saved: $0

CVS $15.47 saved $52.87 or 77%

Haha you can see my cat's head behind the huggies wipes!! :o) This was done in 3 diff transactions and 2 diff days.

Trans #1

(4) Huggies wipes $2.50 each = $10.00

Total = $10.60
Saved = $21.96

Trans #2

(4) Diet Dr Pepper 4/$13 = $13
(1) Dove Men's Care (Raincheck)= $5.49

$5/15 from coupon machine
$1.25 Dove Coupon
$9.00 ECB's

Total: $4.05
Saved $24.21

$3.00 for Diet Dr. Pepper
$6 for Dove (rounded up to the nearest dollar)

Trans #3

(5) Valentines Clearance $0.25 each = $1.25
2% Milk = $2.49

$3 ECB

Paid $0.82
Saved $6.70

Wags Excedrin Deal spent $0.65

Ran to wags to get some of the excedrin menstrual complete. May run back tomorrow and see if they have any more.

Excedrin was $2.50 on sale
used $2 off coupon
Paid $0.65
Received $2 RR

Kroger Spent $9.37 saved 70%

Here is the last of my Kroger Daytona shopping. Need to call about my Purex catalina!!!

(2) Purex $2.69 each = $5.38
(8) Gatorade $0.79 each = $6.32
(1) Kroger Chicken Breasts = $7.96

B1G1 Free Purex = $2.99 (took off price before daytona pricing.
$4 Pillsbury Catalina
$4 Purex Catalina

Total= $9.37
Saved $21.02 or 70%

Big John's Meat Stock Up Spent $16.35

I was able to get all of this for $16.35 nothing exciting here... lol moving on :o)

2/21 Wags Spent $4.33 Saved 93%

*Not everything Pictured*

(2) Beef Jerky (for hubby) 2/$5 = $5.00
(5) Newspapers @ $1.50 = $7.50
(2) Joint Juice @ $10 = $20
Clearance Handsoap $1.49

B1G1 Joint Juice = $10

Total= $4.33
Saved $62.48

Earned $10RR

I was having an off day and really didn't plan anything out. I had $20 in RR about to expire so I just needed to use them up.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Big Lots 20% off Coupon Sunday 2/21 ONLY from 5pm-9pm

Go HERE to snag a coupon for 20% off your Big Lots purchase on 2/21 from 5pm-9pm. You need to be a member of their buzz club but you can either sign up HERE and give them your e-mail address in store or you can sign up in store. Go here to see how I used my coupon last time. This is a good way to get some groceries discounted of their already low prices!!

Carter's Spent $83.64 saved $233.36 saved 73%

My son is growing out of his clothes and he is moving on to size 24months. They should last him til July/August. I have 2 seasons to deal with, well actually 3. We're wrapping up winter soon, Spring, and summer. Carter's had their clearance an extra 20% off So i was able to get him to winter/spring clothes for super cheap. I also got him a few spring/summer outfits. I paid $83.64 for all the clothes above. I also received 3 gift checks for $10/35. I saved $233.36 or 73%!!!

A good shopping day for Keaton (my son)!!! 2 Fisher Price toys for $1.19!!!

Align Center

Photo #1 Toys R Us $1.19 Out of Pocket

I had a $20 Gift card for buying 3 boxes of Pampers diapers during the presidents day sale. I really like buying the HUMONGOUS boxes of pampers bc they last FOREVER!! Also once you buy 9 of the big boxes they send you a FREE BOX(one of HUGE ones)!!! So I have now bought my 9 boxes and will get my Free box soon. You can do this buy signing up for their rewards r us program and showing your card everytime you buy diapers. If you wait til they have their gift card promos you can do good!! So they were having fisher price toys Buy one toy get one free up to $24.99. So i picked out the REALLY LOUD lawnmower toy :o) and the laugh and learn puppy.

My subtotal was $24.99 and I had a 20% off one baby item which took off another $5. My total was $21.19 and I paid with my $2o gift card. My total out of pocket for 2 toys was $1.19!!! I'm saving the puppy for either his easter basket or maybe birthday (July).

Photo #2 $10.59 @ Walgreens

I ran into walgreens to check out a few items for tomorrows deals. I needed to see if they had any joint juice. I have $20 RR expiring tomorrow and in the early week. Anyway me and Keaton walked around and saw this super cute lion. It's bigger than my 19 month old. Normally I wouldn't buy stuff like this... but it was SOOOO cute watching Keaton carry this around. So the "sucker" in me bought it for him. It was reg $19.99 and it was half off for the Valentines clearance. If I go in there tomorrow and clearance is 75% off... i'm gonna be mad!! lol :o)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Super Savings Saturday saved 72%

I'm going to start doing all my Super Saving Saturday posts in this format. I find is easiet to do it this way!!! Click on the photo above to enlarge it. Also I MIGHT make a run to Wags on Saturday, I have $20 in RR expiring on Sunday. Also I don't have a SET in STONE budget. I'm still in the testing out stage to see about what I spend each month. My projected budget is around $300 a month or $75 a week. That includes anything Grocery or Household related. I do not include Diapers in this budget. I buy diapers about every three months or so at Toys R Us. I buy the huge boxes.

Total Spent: $62.58
(under $12.42)

Total Saved: $158.29 or 72%

Walmart: Details HERE
Spent: $6.00
Saved: 0

Big John's: Details HERE
Spent: $10.59
Saved: $2.80 or 20%
(Ran and got a bottle of A1 Steak Sauce for dinner!!! Almost $4 a bottle...eeeccckkk!!)

CVS: Details HERE
Spent: $3.47
Saved: $14.88 or 81%
$9ECB's Left for next week

Kroger: Details HERE
Spent: $42.52
Saved $140.61 or 76%
$8 in Catalina's Left

Did you snag any great deals??? Link up or comment!!! :o)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kroger $42.52 Saved $140.61 or 76%

*Everything not pictured

This was done in 4 transactions on 3 different days. This sale is still valid in the Western, KY/Paducah area UNTIL 2/23 except for the razors.

* indicated price after the daytona sale. You must buy 10 participating Items and it will deduct $3.00 off your total.

Trans #1
(2) *Purex $2.69 each = $5.38
(6) *Pillsbury Biscuits $0.99 each = $5.94
(2) *Gatorade $0.79 each = $1.58

(2) Purex $0.35 each.. doubled to $0.70 each = $1.40
(2) Pillsbury $0.40/3.. doubled to $0.80 each = $1.60

Total: 10.13
Saved: 14.60 or 59%

$4 OYNO Cat from Purex
$4 OYNO Cat from Pillsbury

Trans #2
(2) *Purex $2.69 each = $5.38
(6) *Pillsbury Biscuits $0.99 each = $5.94
(2) *Gatorade $0.79 each = $1.58
(8) Bic Soliel Razors B1G1= $27.16
Grapes $2.25
4lbs Kroger Boneless Chicken Breasts = $7.96

(1) Purex $0.35 ... doubled to $0.70 = $0.70
(2) Pillsbury $0.40/3.. doubled to $0.80 each = $1.60
$4 Purex Catalina
$4 Pillsbury Catalina
(4) B1G1 Free Coupons for BIC= $27.16 (made all razors FREE!!!)

Total: $14.75
Saved: $83.21 or 86%

$4 OYNO Cat from Purex
$4 OYNO Cat from Pillsbury

Trans #3
(2) *Purex $2.69 each = $5.38
(6) *Pillsbury Biscuits $0.99 each = $5.94
(2) *Gatorade $0.79 each = $1.58
Kroger Bacon $2.17
Kroger Sausage$1.59

(2) Pillsbury $0.40/3.. doubled to $0.80 each = $1.60
$4 Purex Catalina
$4 Pillsbury Catalina

Total: $7.37
Saved $21.20 or 75%

$4 OYNO Cat from Purex
$4 OYNO Cat from Pillsbury

Trans #4

(2) *Purex $2.69 each = $5.38
(6) *Pillsbury Biscuits $0.99 each = $5.94
(2) *Gatorade $0.79 each = $1.58
Cantaloupe $1.89
Bananas $1.37
5# Bag of Potatoes $1.99

(2) Pillsbury $0.40/3.. doubled to $0.80 each = $1.60
$4 Purex Catalina
$4 Pillsbury Catalina

Total: $10.27
Saved: $21.60 or 67%

$4 OYNO Cat from Purex
$4 OYNO Cat from Pillsbury

CVS saved 81%

I had $10 in ECB's expiring tomorrow so I ran in CVS after class last night. I've been busy and haven't really had a chance to even look at match ups this week. I was mainly trying to buy things that would give me back as many ecb's that were about to expire.

Milk $2.19
Milk $2.19
Aussie Hairspray $2.99
Crest Pro Health $3.50
Crest Pro Health $3.50

(2) $0.75 off Q's for Crest = $1.50
$10 ECB

Total = $3.47
Saved = $14.88
Earned $9ECB

I know there was an Aussie coupon somewhere... but i'm VERY behind on clipping. I was happy with my total considering Milk around here gets up to almost $4 a gallon!!!!

Walmart $6.00

Lettuce $1.28
(2) Potatoes $0.78 each = $1.56
Apple Juice $2.00
Bread $1.16

Total = $6.00

This was a quick run to walmart on Valentine's Day for our dinner. We also bought steaks at another grocery store but that wasn't included in my grocery budget.

Big John's $6.91

Got all boxes for $0.74 each which I thought was a good price considering i'm out and it was $1.50 a box at walmart. I spent $6.91 total and saved $2.25 with coupons.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

FREE Full-Size Pantene Nature Fusion Shampoo!

If you are a member of Vocalpoint, then hurry on over here and login to your account! After doing so, you’ll be able to request a FREE full-size sample of Pantene Nature Fusion Smooth Vitality shampoo! What a great freebie to score!

**Even if you’re not a member, you can still snag this sample. Just go here and register, then come back here and use this link to login to your account!

Thanks, Hip2Save!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Super Savings Saturday Saved 72%

Here is everything I got this week!!! Click on the photo to make it larger. Also I will link up to each individual deal. I shopped at many stores this week and just barely made it under my projected budget.

Total: $72.70 Out of Pocket
Saved: $194.96 or 72%

CVS: Details HERE
Spent: $2.04
Saved: $20.77 or 91%

Save-A-Lot: Details HERE & HERE
Spent: $14.21
Saved: $7.69 or 64%

Walgreens: Details HERE & HERE
Saved: $84.16 or 93%
RR's Left for next week: 20RR

Kroger: Details HERE
Saved:$63.84 or 68%

Walmart: Details HERE
Saved:$18.50 or 60%

Big John's: Details HERE
Spent: $7.86
Saved:No coupons used

How did you do this week??? Feel free to link up or leave a comment!! :o)

CVS Spent $2.04 saved $20.77 or 91%

This was done in 2 transactions.

Trans #1

Gillette Fusion Razor with bonus shave gel $8.99
2 Milky Ways (one for my mother in law, and the other for me, not pictured) $1.00

$4 Gillette Coupon
$5.49 ECB from Dove
$0.50 ECB from quarterly spending

Total : $0.51
Received $4ECB for Gillette

Trans #2

Gillette Fusion Razor with bonus shave gel $8.99

$4 Gillette Coupon
$4ECB from above transaction

Total: $1.53
OUT OF ECB's!!!!!! UGH :( lol

Walmart $12.19

I bought other things at Wal-Mart this week but I just wanted to include items I used for coupons. This is the only part of my purchase that went towards my budget.

(2) Farmland Ham $2.98 each = $5.96
(2) Famland Ham Steaks $2.98 = $5.96
(5) Beechnut Meals $1.12= $5.60
(4) Ronzoni Smart taste pasta $1.28 = $5.12
All You Magazine $2.24
K-Y $2.57
Monopoly Deal $3.24 (clearance)

This WOULD have cost me... $30.69

Coupons Used :
(4) $1 off any farmland ham/ham steaks = $4.00
(5) $1 off beechnut $5.00
(4) $0.75 Ronzoni smart taste pasta = $3.00
$0.50 All You Feb Magazine = $0.50
$2.00 off any K-Y = $2.00
$4.00 off any monopoly game =$4.00 (got $0.76 overage)

Total coupon value $18.50

Paid $12.19 for everything pictured

Save-A-Lot Super Cheap Solo Cups $0.81

Save-A-Lot has these 20ct Solo cups priced @ $0.99 each. I had (4) coupons for $1 off and (2) coupons for $0.75 off. After coupons I paid $0.81 for ALL SIX!!!

More Wags Shopping Spent $3.61 Saved $29.89

You can still snag these deals until tomorrow.

Trans #1

Fusion Razor $8.99
(3) 3 Musketeer bars $1.47
(2) Crest Toothpaste $5.58

$4 off gillette razor
$1.50 wags coupon for crest toothpaste (found in fed coup book) took off $3 for 2
Used (2) $0.75 off crest tp in the last P&G insert
$6 RR from dove

Paid $2.55 (more than i wanted to spend)
Saved: $15.92
Received $4 RR for razors & $1 RR for candy bars

Trans #2

Dove Men's Care $5.99
(2) Sure deodorant $3.18
The Sure was on clearance for $1.59 each!!!
(3) 3 Musketeer's $1.47

$1.25 off Q for Dove
(2) $1.50 off Sure Deodorant
$4 RR from razors
$2 RR from poligrip

Paid $1.06
Saved: $13.97
Received $6RR for the dove.

Last of the Kroger Mega Event Shopping 68% savings

Both photos combined cost me $29.66 with a savings of $63.84 or 68%

*This sale is no longer going on. My Kroger sales run from Wed-Tues.*

This was 2 different days but for the sake of my sanity and all the posts I need to make... it's all going together :o) Also since this sale isn't going on any longer i'm not going to go into EXTREME detail.

Trans #1

20 cans of chili
4 45ct dixie plates
2 toaster strudel
2 Orginal Goldfish
2 packs of 150z Butter

This was all $12.50 with a savings of $44.29

Trans #2

4 toaster strudel
2 packs of quilted northern
3 rotel
1 butter

This was all $17.16 with a savings of $19.55

Free 8x10 Photo Collage @ Wags TODAY ONLY!!!

I just made my FREE (see above photo) 8x10 Photo Collage at Walgreens. I plan to give this to my husband as a Vday gift!! Now I just need to find a frame for it :o)!!! Head over here and sign up for a photo account. Use code VDAY at checkout to score this for free. You can choose to pick this up in store. I've done SEVERAL of these collages and absolutely LOVVEEEE them :o)!!!

Also don't forget the 15% off coupon to take with you when you go to pick up your photo. I'm gonna see if I can find a frame I like at wags and use my coupon!!! If not I will have to go to walmart... fingers crossed!!! lol :o)

I just got an e-mail saying my photo is already ready to pick up. It took all of 5 mins!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I contacted Walgreens Corporate Office!!!!

Hey everyone. I just wanted to take a moment to PRAISE my local Walgreens. I know that some of you have a HORRIBLE time, and get hateful coupon hating cashiers/managers. My Wags is AMAZING!!! I just contacted corporate office to let them know how AMAZING this store was. How nice is to contact corporate with GOOD news?!?!?!? I will say that my store is still a baby, they just opened in I believe October. So that may make a difference, maybe they were trained right compared to some other stores. I have been in there everynight so far this week. I have gotten so many good deals :). I went in tonight and the cashier said " this all together or are we doing separate transactions?" How wonderful is that??? I really just want to encourage everyone that if they have an amazing customer service experience to take a few minutes to give that employee or store praise. We want to sit around and complain about stuff, but lets also praise when they deserve it. Thanks for listening to me ramble :o)

Update: I sent an e-mail to corporate Tues night at around 8pm, and received a call from my wags at 10am the next morning thanking me for my comment!!! This just proves that your complaints/comments are being heard!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

3 Musketeer Candy Bar @ Wags!!!

Hey Guys!! I just got back from my Wags. Were having a lil snow here and I wanted to get a few things. While I was in wags shopping the manager (how ironic???) stopped me and told me if i needed any filler items that the 3 musketeer candy bars were buy 3 get a $1RR. Also you can use the in ad coupon to make them $0.49 each. That's $0.49 for 3 candy bars. How awesome??? This makes GREAT filler items!! Just wanted to pass that along... also how awesome is my Wags???

Free Sample of Burt's Bees Natural Toothpaste

Go on over HERE to score a free sample of Burt's Bees Natural Toothpaste. Just fill out your info and you should receive your sample in 8 weeks!!!

Thanks HIP2SAVE!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I Love Wags :o) I really do... Saved 94%

Ahhh... I feel so bad for those of you who have bad luck at WAGS... I personally love them :o).... Wanna know my secret??? My store has Super awesome cashiers!!!!!! They put up with my gazillion transactions I love to do :o). So can I just say that the Metropolis, IL Wags... ROCKS!!!
I got everything pictured in 5 transactions... and here's the breakdown:

Trans #1

Kraft Mac & Cheese $0.69 with in store ad. ( I think this is a great filler item)

Super Poligrip $2.00
used $1.50 coupon from HERE must reg first

Dove Body Wash $5.99
used $1.50 coupon from HERE

Used $5 RR from Accucheck Meter from last week

Paid $1.08 Out of pocket

Received $6RR from Dove & $2RR from Poligrip

Trans #2

5 Newspapers $7.50

Kraft Mac N Cheese $0.69

Used $8RR from prev trans


The above 2 trans were done in the morning. For the next 3 I went back tonight and did them!!

Trans #3

4 Hefty zip Bags $13.16 (seriously who would pay that?!?!?)
Used in ad coupon making them B1G1 deducted $6.58-- now that's better :o) )
Used 2 $1/2 from the 1/31 RP I think... if not it was SS.

Dove Body Wash $5.99
used $1.50 from trans #1

Super Poligrip $2.00
used $1.50 from trans #1

Kraft Mac N Cheese $1.59
we forgot to scan the in ad coupon

Valentine tumbler $0.39 filler

Used (2) $5RR from Accucheck last week

Paid $2.40 /See below new total $0.79

Received $8 RR

*****They refunded me back $1.61 from the above trans for not using the coupon, and I just noticed that we forgot to re-ring it. So I really do feel bad about it. But my new total for the above tranaction is $0.79*****

Trans #4 & #5 are the SAME....

Dove Body Wash $5.99
used $1.25 coupon from 1/31 RP

Valentine Tumbler $0.39 (filler)
My son loves these to play with.

Used $5RR from Accucheck last week

Total $0.53

Soooo I started this week with $25RR and I'm ending it with $20RR... Not bad!!!

Paid $3.13 out of pocket and saved..... $54.27 or 94%

Big John's Shopping 2/7 Local Grocery Store

WOW... So I spent $7.86 on all this. I'm not very happy with that price... Not one bit. I find it hard to spend almost $8 on 5 items when I spent less than $13 on 30 items at Kroger last week. But oh well. We needed... well we didn't NEED the chips. :o) But we were almost out of cheese and my local grocery store had it 3/$5. So I caved and went and grabbed some. Not my stock up price, BUT when you need it... you need it. And I like to eat these chips with my hot ham and cheese sandwiches!! :)

Lays Chips $1.99

Kraft Cheese 3/$5.00

Always Save Cheese $0.79 (Want to try this brand out)

Total : $7.86 YIIIKKKEESSSS!!!!!

I post all of my shopping trips. I don't always score GREAT deals. This is to show everyone that if you need it... just buy it. :o) Don't fret the little stuff.

Save-A-Lot Shopping 2/7 Spent $13.40 & Printable coupons

Hey guys!! I don't do a lot of Save-A-Lot shopping. I ran in there today because we used our last can of corn last night, and that's kind of the only veggie I like... SOOOO we needed more :o). Save-A-Lot is a great place to get canned goods. I had also printed off some coupons from their site. Yeah Save-a-lot takes coupons... that's pretty awesome!!! Go HERE to see what coupons they have. This was probably a 5 min trip for me. I knew what I was going in for, and I also wanted to check a few prices. Here's what I got:

Banana's $0.59 lb= $0.79

Trash bags = $2.49

Shells & Cheese = $1.49
used $0.40 coupon from here = $1.09

(4) Cans of corn $0.49 each = $1.96
used $0.50/4 coupon from here = $1.46 for 4 cans

(2) Lite Ranch Dressing $1.29 each = $2.58
used B1G1 coupon from here = $1.29 for 2

(4) Cans of Spaghetti O's $0.79 each= $3.16

Mac n Cheese = $0.40

Strawberry Jelly= $2.49

I paid $13.40 for 15 items... an average of $0.83 each item

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dove Printables + Wags Money Maker

Hurry on over here to print out some dove coupons. You should be able to print this twice. There is a $1.50 off Mens Body & Face Care. This will be on sale at Wags starting tomorrow for $5.99 and get back a $5.99 RR. So this will help make it a $1.50 MM (money maker). You can also use the $1.25/1 coupon that was in the 1/31 RP.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Super Savings Saturday

Here's how I did for the week. I spent $51.28 and saved $213.80. That is a total of 80% Savings!!!

Edit: I forgot to mention that I still have $25 in RR and $5.49 in ECB's for next week!!

I shopped at CVS, Wags, Kroger, Walmart, and Big John's this week. Click the name of each store to see pics/details.

So how did you do this week?? Feel free to link up!!!

CVS Spent $2.75 saved $42.67

Trans #1
(3) Ragu = $5.00
Used $1.25/3 Q

(3) Skippy = $5.00
Used (3) $0.60/1 Q

(1) Dove Body Wash = $5.49
Used $1.25/1 Q

Used $10ECB

Total $1.52
Earned $5.49 ECB for Dove & $3 ECB for Ragu/Skippy & $1 ECB Greentag bag

Trans #2
(1) Dove Body Wash = $5.49
Used $1.25/1 Q

(1) Trident Gum $1.29

Used $5.49 ECB

Total $0.45
Earned $5.49 ECB for Dove

Trans #3
(3) Ragu = $5.00
Used $1.25/3 Q

Used $3 ECB earned from Ragu/Skippy

Tota $0.75 for 3 jars of Ragu :o)

Trans #4
(2) Milky Way $1 (Mother In Law called... she was having a craving!!)
(1) Vaseline trav size lotion $0.99
$0.99 any hand or body lotion cvs Q

Used $1 ECB from greenbag tag

Total $0.03!!!!!!!!!!!

I have $5.49 left in ECB's

Walgreens $14.16 saved $112.95----$25RR Left

Trans #1

Blink Tears $7.99
(Ya... So I forgot to use my $2 off Q... oh well!!)

Total $8.07
Got back $8 RR

Trans #2

5 Newspapers $1.50 = $7.50
Ajax (filler to get up to $8) $0.79

Used 8RR from Blink

Total $0.34 ----Woohoo!!! :o)

Trans #3-6

Accucheck Aviva $14.99
used $5 wags Q and $10 Aviva Q

Total $0.15 and recieved $5 RR

Trans #7

Accucheck Aviva $14.99
used $5 wags Q and $10 Aviva Q
$5 Donation to Haiti

Total $5.15 and recieved $5 RR

Spent $14.16 oop
Have $25 RR Left

Walmart $9.60 saved $9.00

8 Muffin Mixes $0.88 = $7.04
(2) $1/4 = -$2

2 Farmland Ham $2.98 = $5.96
(2) $1 = -$2

5 Beechnut meals $1.12 = $5.60
(5) $1 = -$5

Total Spent $9.60

Big John's $11.91

This was purchased at my local grocery store.
Milk 3/$4.00
Newspaper $1.50
Sirloin Chops $3.68
Sirloin Chops $2.63

Paid $11.91 oop

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Kroger Mega Event Shopping

I ran to Kroger last night after class. I don't get out of class until 9pm so I really just wanted to get done and get home. I also went to 2 different CVS's, Wags, and Walmart. I didn't get home til like almost 11 last night. But here's what I snagged!! I did 20 Mega Event Items and will probably go back again tonight for a few other things that I need.

Mega Event Items
2 French's Honey Mustard
3 French's Mustard
2 Dixie Plates
4 Hormel Chili
1 Pillsbury Toaster Strudel
2 Ritz Crackers
2 Goldfish Crackers
4 Quaker Rice Cakes

Non Mega Event Items
2 Rotel (these weren't mega event at our store they were 10/$10)
3 Large Eggs (only $0.88 each!!!)
4 Healthy Life Bread ($1 each, free after $0.50 coupon doubled)
Banana's (0.49 lb)

My total 12.86 for 30 items!!! Avg of $0.42 for each item!!!

I saved $49.18 or 79%

Snow!!! :)

My Husband Dustin & My 18 month old Keaton!!

I just wanted to share with everyone our Snow pics!! :) We had a very nice snow-filled weekend. Thank goodness no ice. We've had HORRIBLE Ice storms for the past two years. Last year we were without power for about a week, and many others out of power for over a month. So we were blessed to just have snow :)!!!