Friday, February 5, 2010

Walgreens $14.16 saved $112.95----$25RR Left

Trans #1

Blink Tears $7.99
(Ya... So I forgot to use my $2 off Q... oh well!!)

Total $8.07
Got back $8 RR

Trans #2

5 Newspapers $1.50 = $7.50
Ajax (filler to get up to $8) $0.79

Used 8RR from Blink

Total $0.34 ----Woohoo!!! :o)

Trans #3-6

Accucheck Aviva $14.99
used $5 wags Q and $10 Aviva Q

Total $0.15 and recieved $5 RR

Trans #7

Accucheck Aviva $14.99
used $5 wags Q and $10 Aviva Q
$5 Donation to Haiti

Total $5.15 and recieved $5 RR

Spent $14.16 oop
Have $25 RR Left

1 comment:

  1. These are great deals! I was wondering if you are going to use the Accucheck monitors? I am a senior Nursing student and we are working with a local low-income housing complex, and over 75% of the residents are diabetics or at high risk. We are in the process of organizing a health fair on diabetes and we are running in to dead ends on donations. I was wondering if you don't have plans to use these...would you be willing to donate them to this project? My email is If there are any other readers that see this and would be interested, would you please email me! Thank you and have a great day! Nickie


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