Sunday, February 7, 2010

Big John's Shopping 2/7 Local Grocery Store

WOW... So I spent $7.86 on all this. I'm not very happy with that price... Not one bit. I find it hard to spend almost $8 on 5 items when I spent less than $13 on 30 items at Kroger last week. But oh well. We needed... well we didn't NEED the chips. :o) But we were almost out of cheese and my local grocery store had it 3/$5. So I caved and went and grabbed some. Not my stock up price, BUT when you need it... you need it. And I like to eat these chips with my hot ham and cheese sandwiches!! :)

Lays Chips $1.99

Kraft Cheese 3/$5.00

Always Save Cheese $0.79 (Want to try this brand out)

Total : $7.86 YIIIKKKEESSSS!!!!!

I post all of my shopping trips. I don't always score GREAT deals. This is to show everyone that if you need it... just buy it. :o) Don't fret the little stuff.

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