Sunday, February 7, 2010

I Love Wags :o) I really do... Saved 94%

Ahhh... I feel so bad for those of you who have bad luck at WAGS... I personally love them :o).... Wanna know my secret??? My store has Super awesome cashiers!!!!!! They put up with my gazillion transactions I love to do :o). So can I just say that the Metropolis, IL Wags... ROCKS!!!
I got everything pictured in 5 transactions... and here's the breakdown:

Trans #1

Kraft Mac & Cheese $0.69 with in store ad. ( I think this is a great filler item)

Super Poligrip $2.00
used $1.50 coupon from HERE must reg first

Dove Body Wash $5.99
used $1.50 coupon from HERE

Used $5 RR from Accucheck Meter from last week

Paid $1.08 Out of pocket

Received $6RR from Dove & $2RR from Poligrip

Trans #2

5 Newspapers $7.50

Kraft Mac N Cheese $0.69

Used $8RR from prev trans


The above 2 trans were done in the morning. For the next 3 I went back tonight and did them!!

Trans #3

4 Hefty zip Bags $13.16 (seriously who would pay that?!?!?)
Used in ad coupon making them B1G1 deducted $6.58-- now that's better :o) )
Used 2 $1/2 from the 1/31 RP I think... if not it was SS.

Dove Body Wash $5.99
used $1.50 from trans #1

Super Poligrip $2.00
used $1.50 from trans #1

Kraft Mac N Cheese $1.59
we forgot to scan the in ad coupon

Valentine tumbler $0.39 filler

Used (2) $5RR from Accucheck last week

Paid $2.40 /See below new total $0.79

Received $8 RR

*****They refunded me back $1.61 from the above trans for not using the coupon, and I just noticed that we forgot to re-ring it. So I really do feel bad about it. But my new total for the above tranaction is $0.79*****

Trans #4 & #5 are the SAME....

Dove Body Wash $5.99
used $1.25 coupon from 1/31 RP

Valentine Tumbler $0.39 (filler)
My son loves these to play with.

Used $5RR from Accucheck last week

Total $0.53

Soooo I started this week with $25RR and I'm ending it with $20RR... Not bad!!!

Paid $3.13 out of pocket and saved..... $54.27 or 94%


  1. Awesome job!! I haven't been to walgreens in a couple weeks. Think I need to go this week.

  2. Yeah I was able to get some things I really needed this week!! :o)

  3. Oh Yes I love my Walgreens Also!! Great deals this week!! :)))


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