Friday, February 12, 2010

Last of the Kroger Mega Event Shopping 68% savings

Both photos combined cost me $29.66 with a savings of $63.84 or 68%

*This sale is no longer going on. My Kroger sales run from Wed-Tues.*

This was 2 different days but for the sake of my sanity and all the posts I need to make... it's all going together :o) Also since this sale isn't going on any longer i'm not going to go into EXTREME detail.

Trans #1

20 cans of chili
4 45ct dixie plates
2 toaster strudel
2 Orginal Goldfish
2 packs of 150z Butter

This was all $12.50 with a savings of $44.29

Trans #2

4 toaster strudel
2 packs of quilted northern
3 rotel
1 butter

This was all $17.16 with a savings of $19.55

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