Friday, February 12, 2010

Super Savings Saturday Saved 72%

Here is everything I got this week!!! Click on the photo to make it larger. Also I will link up to each individual deal. I shopped at many stores this week and just barely made it under my projected budget.

Total: $72.70 Out of Pocket
Saved: $194.96 or 72%

CVS: Details HERE
Spent: $2.04
Saved: $20.77 or 91%

Save-A-Lot: Details HERE & HERE
Spent: $14.21
Saved: $7.69 or 64%

Walgreens: Details HERE & HERE
Saved: $84.16 or 93%
RR's Left for next week: 20RR

Kroger: Details HERE
Saved:$63.84 or 68%

Walmart: Details HERE
Saved:$18.50 or 60%

Big John's: Details HERE
Spent: $7.86
Saved:No coupons used

How did you do this week??? Feel free to link up or leave a comment!! :o)


  1. Great job this week! I'm not at a place where I can shop that much right now, but good for you! It's great to have a Walgreens that gets to know you and treats you well. I go to a newer Wags here and I really like them as well.

  2. Thanks!!! I think the newer wags must be better :o)

  3. Mandy I love how you combined all your shops here! I had so many I wanted to share this week and it felt so crazy linking them all seperately!

  4. Thanks!!! I've done it differently each week!! haha I really like this format though. Yeah I didnt feel like really linking them all up. I was waiting until the end of the week to post all my trips... but i shopped way too much this week and had too many diff transactions. I think i'm gonna stick with this :o)

  5. I agree with Prudent that the multi photo is great! I hope you get some rest from the running around next week :)

  6. Thanks Noelle!! Actually i'm not getting to rest lol My son is napping and then were gonna go hit Kroger and see if I can get the Pillsbury/Purex catalina deal. Then were headed to Toys r us to stock up on diapers, and then probably to walmart to get some cheap games :) haha. So I've got yet another busy day!!!

  7. Wow, that is an amazing week! Way to go!

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  9. Great job! I love your pic and set up! Cute blog! Will link up when i get a pic up!

  10. Thanks for linking up. Your blog is so cute! Hope you have a nice Valentine's Day!


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