Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I contacted Walgreens Corporate Office!!!!

Hey everyone. I just wanted to take a moment to PRAISE my local Walgreens. I know that some of you have a HORRIBLE time, and get hateful coupon hating cashiers/managers. My Wags is AMAZING!!! I just contacted corporate office to let them know how AMAZING this store was. How nice is to contact corporate with GOOD news?!?!?!? I will say that my store is still a baby, they just opened in I believe October. So that may make a difference, maybe they were trained right compared to some other stores. I have been in there everynight so far this week. I have gotten so many good deals :). I went in tonight and the cashier said "So...is this all together or are we doing separate transactions?" How wonderful is that??? I really just want to encourage everyone that if they have an amazing customer service experience to take a few minutes to give that employee or store praise. We want to sit around and complain about stuff, but lets also praise when they deserve it. Thanks for listening to me ramble :o)

Update: I sent an e-mail to corporate Tues night at around 8pm, and received a call from my wags at 10am the next morning thanking me for my comment!!! This just proves that your complaints/comments are being heard!!!


  1. I'm glad your Walgreen's is great! Have a great day! :)

  2. Following back on follow me friday. That is so great that you have such a wonderful store in your area. Love your blog!!!!



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