Friday, February 26, 2010

Super Savings Saturday saved 72%

This was just a complete off week for me. I didn't feel like doing anything this week. I had a horrible migrane on Monday night... and I was just... well lazy this week!! I don't work but i'm a full time student, and I take care of my son while my hubby works. Also you would DIE if you saw my coupons... I haven't clipped in SOOOOOOOO long. I seriously just want to burn them all and start fresh... Yeah I'm a bit overwhelmed. Also I've been getting ready for a consignment sale to take all my son's stuff to. I have to tag everything and hang it up. So this week wasn't thought out. I just kind of got things I guess I needed?? lol Do you ever just have one of those weeks??? But... Here's how I did... Please link up and/or leave comments :o)

Total Spent: $56.26
(under $18.74)
Wow I did a lot better than I thought I would!! :o)
Total Saved: $142.85 or 72%

CVS: Details HERE
Spent: $15.47
Saved: $52.87 or 77%
ECB's Left: $6

Wags: Details HERE & HERE
Spent: $4.98
Saved: $66.97 or 93%
RR's Left: $12

Kroger: Details HERE
Spent: $9.37
Saved: $21.02 or 70%

Big John's: Details HERE
Spent: $16.35
Saved: $1.99

Family Dollar: Details HERE
Spent: $10.09
Saved: $0


  1. I am sorry you've had an off week. I have had so many of those lately too! Being in my last stage of pregnancy just makes me actually want to go over budget. I see my shorter more frequent trips to the store coming to an end soon and it makes me panic! I think starting next month I actually might start stockpiling more. I only have 9 weeks left.
    I'm sorry you've had to deal with the migraines too. That is not helpful with your busy schedule is it? Hang in there!


  2. I have felt the same way Mandy! I had to force myself to shop this week. When I get behind on my clipping I actually cheer when I can recycle a P&G insert. I love how all the whole insert expires on the same day.

  3. Mandy I totally know what you mean!! I have gotten to the point that I quit clipping altogether. Now I just have a huge stack of inserts. Not sure if it is better or worse yet. LOL

    As for feeling "off" about shopping. Well my 2 nieces have been staying with me off and on over the past week and are with me this weekend. Last night I grocery shopped with them and my 2 daughters, not something I usually do. I didn't even take my coupons or a list and we totally bought things I normally wouldn't buy. Oh and when we got home I didn't take a single picture. So next week everyone will just have to imagine! LOL

  4. It comforts me to know that i'm not alone in this. My coupon binder is so bulky and I hate taking it with me. Esp since my lil man rides where I would need to put the binder. I have to plan my trips out or I will mess it all up. I can't just shop on command. I have one of the huge zip up binders, I'm actually thinking of splitting my coupons up a new way. The way I'm doing really doesn't work for me. I have like 26 categories but my poor coupons just sit there until time to throw them away. I think I might get a few smaller binders. One for all my food, one for non food, and then another one with pages for walmart, kroger, wags, cvs, and maybe high dollar coupons that I know I will use. I think that might be more effective for me.

    Jane- I don't know how your doing it. When I was pregnant I laid in bed the last month and snuggled with my kitten. I saw it as the last lazy month I would EVER have in my life!!! lol :) I will be done with school in May and i'm soooo ready!! :o) I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes great!!!

    Prudent- I get SOOO happy that I get to throw a whole P&G insert out!! lol I don't ever clip them anyway bc I know what is in them. I have noticed though that there are a few coupons in them that expire a month later. So you might want to check before you throw them all out.

    Amber- That stinks. I bet you are overwhelmed this week. I dont know how you took 4 girls with you to grocery shop!!! I know what you mean about buying just anything. This week I didn't care and I was for SURE I spent like $100... but I actually did better. lol Oh well. Maybe we can all start fresh in March!!! Yay for a new month :o)

  5. It definitely happens to us all.

  6. Hi, Mandy. I don't clip the coupons at all - I keep them filed by date in a filing cabinet and cut them out as needed. The downside is that if I find a great unadvertised deal, I can't check to see if I have a matching coupon.

    I've put a link in my post to your blog. Come link up at Wednesday Weekly Shopping at my blog, Frugal Follies!

  7. 72% savings is pretty darned good for not being organized! :) After I had my second child, I stopped clipping each and every coupon and now just keep the entire inserts in order and cut Qs out as I need them.


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