Friday, April 30, 2010

Super Savings Saturday saved 73%

Total Spent: $49.83
Total Saved: $136.68 or 73%

Wags: Details HERE, HERE, & HERE
Spent: $10.19
Saved: $104.94
RR Left: $15

CVS: Details HERE & HERE
Spent: $0
Saved: $15.92
ECB Left: $1

Walmart: Details HERE
Spent: $21.20
Saved: $10.32

Kroger: Details HERE
Spent: $8.06
Saved: $2.21

Big John's: Details HERE
Spent: $10.38
Saved: $3.29

How did you do this week??? Link up below!!

4/30 Walmart: Diet Dr. Pepper stock up!! $5 each!!

These and other 24 packs are on sale at walmart for $5 each. Not sure how long!!! It's like getting each 12 pack for $2.50 each and that is a great price!!! These were marked for $7.58 each and they are on rollback at the moment.

Paid: $21.20
Saved: $10.32

4/30 Wags $1.29 saved $13.50

Trans #1:

Skintimate $2.99
Sweetarts $0.39

$3 RR from stayfree

Total: $0.58
Saved: $4.50

Trans #2:

Stayfree $2.99
Colorsilk $4.49
Sweetart $0.39


$2 Stayfree coupon
$2.50 in ad coupon for hair color made it $1.99
$3 rr from skintimate

Total: $0.71
Saved: $9.00

4/28 Big John's

Spent: $10.68
Saved: $3.29

4/28 CVS Free Fig Newtons & Wheat Thins!!!

All of these were completely free at CVS this week. These are on sale for $1 each and I printed coupons from here & here!!! I have 2 computers so I was able to print 4 coupons of each. Also if your cvs is out of them get a raincheck!!! Also these are supposed to be a limit of 5 so you may need to grab a raincheck at 2 diff cvs's if you need more than 5!!!

Spent $0
Saved $11.94

My other passion!!!! Nails!!

You already know one of my passions... couponing. But here is the other one... nails!!! As of Monday I will be done with school. I did a one year program at a local college that allowed me to get my certificate in Nail Technology. I absolutely fell in love with nails. Here are some acrylics I did last night on myself. I wanted my nails to look cute for my birthday. Also i'm currently obsessed with zebras at the moment. Thanks to my awesome friend Amber I know have a super cute zebra rug in my living room!!! But I just wanted to share something else with everyone!!! What else are you guys passionate about???

Thursday, April 29, 2010

My last day as a 23 year old...

Today is my very last day as a 23 year old. Tomorrow I will turn 24!!! This has truly been a great year. I've gotten to watch my almost 2 year old grow up from a tiny baby to a full fledged toddler. During my 23rd year I learned how to save tremendous amounts of money by couponing. I also made the decision to return back to school to become a licensed nail technician. My very last day of class is next monday!!! I'm sooooo excited. I will take state boards in June and then start my job at a Spa. I also started this blog which I love. I've gotten to meet other bloggers and make some new friends.

I will also celebrate my 3rd year anniversary tomorrow. Yes... I got married on my birthday!! hehe :o) It's really easy for my hubby to remember... bc if he forgets that day.... he's in BIG trouble!!!

We're going out tomorrow night to eat at Olive Garden. I haven't been there in forever and i'm craving some really good chicken alfredo!!

Thank you all sooo much for being a part of my blog!!! I have 100 followers now!! Yipee!!! :o)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

4/27 CVS

Wheat thins are on sale for $1 this week. Go to the wheat thins facebook fanpage to get your $1 off coupon making these free. And remember if your CVS is out of them get a raincheck. These were both free after coupons. Also I got back $1 in ecb for using my green bag tag!!! Yay!!

I spent $0 and saved $3.98!!!

4/27 Kroger

Spent $8.06
Saved: $2.26 or 21%

Nothing spectacular about this trip. I just wanted to stock up on some fruit snacks for Keaton. Also we will be taking a trip to Ohio for 10 days and i'm trying to stock up on snacks for the car!!! Nothing worse than going to a gas station and wasting tons of money on snacks!!!

4/26 Wags profit of $8.44!!!!!

So... I did 9 transactions. No I didn't stand in the same store for all of these. I did 6 of them Monday at 2 with my fave cashier in my hometown store. Then I stopped at one wags on my way home from class and picked up another. And then at about 7 pm that same day I did 2 last transactions at the same one i started at. No I didn't take EVERYTHING... and YES I did indeed leave stuff for others!!! :o)

I'm not breaking this down trans by trans.... but I will let you know what I did. I did a purchase of Skintimate & a filler, and then rolled that RR with my next trans consisting of the stayfree and plackers and fillers.

A few highlights here... the ink cartridge was only $1. I didn't pick this up til monday but I did drop it off last thursday. The price was already in the computer for $1. Also on my box there was a coupon for half off my ink refill. I really like getting my ink filled at wags.

The ban was from either last week or the week before. It was $0.99 with the in ad coupon and there were $0.75 printables. I got a raincheck because they were out. So I got each deodorant for $0.24 each.

And the candy bars were $0.39 this week... excellent fillers... I have hidden these in a drawer in my kitchen so my hubby can't eat them!! lol I told him last night if he ever wanted to know what i've bought for the week he can always check my blog. SOOOO if he really does check my blog i'm trouble and my poor candy bars will be gone :)

Ok... so after 9 transactions my total was.... $6.56 and I saved.... $74.95. I also have $15 in RR. So I made a profit of $8.44!!!

Also I will donate the stayfree.

Monday, April 26, 2010

I FINALLY cleaned out my pantry!!! :o)

I decided it was time to de-clutter and tackle my pantry on Saturday. I did all of this with my 21 month old toddler. He loved it. I had him carry stuff from the pantry to an 18 gallon tote. I really wish I could have taken a photo of what this looked like before. But here is the finished result.

It really does look empty now... but trust me I prefer that over what it did looked like. Our pantry is sooooo big and deep that stuff gets lost. So this way I can see everything. I love it. Everything in the tote below is what I removed from my pantry and will be moving downstairs to my stockpile room. That is an 18 gallon tote FULL of stuff!!! So you can imagine JUST how crowded my pantry was :)

Did you do any cleaning this weekend??? If so i'd love to hear about it, or hear how you organize your pantry!!! Stay tuned for a look at my stockpile room, and a peak into my freezer!!!

4/25 Walgreens Spent $2.24 saved $16.49

Trans #1:
Stayfree Maxi Pad 24ct $2.99
$2 coupon from 3/28 RP

Skintimate Shave Gel $2.99
$2 coupon from April Cosmo Mag

Plackers Mint 90ct $2.00
$0.50 coupon from last insert

Used $2.50 RR from last week (kotex deal)

(also I did have filler items, my hubby wanted beef jerky. He paid with all of this on his debit card, thats why i'm including my filler items in this scenario.)

Total Spent: $1.06
Total Saved: $10.49
Earned: $8RR

Trans #2:

Stayfree Maxi Pads 24ct $2.99
used $2 coupon from 3/28 RP

2 Newspapers $3.00

Used $3 RR from Skintimate

Total: $1.18
Saved: $6.00
Earned: $3 RR

I have $8 in RR left for this week!!! I will be doing more transactions today!! Also the stayfree maxi pads will go to my donation box in my stockpile room!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Donation to Project Hope

So I do TONS of shopping every week. I have my budget of $75 weekly. Not everything I buy I keep. A lot of stuff I do buy is because I need it, it's free after a coupon, or it's a money maker at Walgreens. Last week I took my first donation to a local no kill animal shelter named Project Hope. I've been couponing since last August and I've been working on my stockpile and getting it all organized. I've also been weeding through my stockpile and putting anything for donation into a box in my stockpile room.

Everything pictured above is what I took for donation. I got 40 cans of dog food for FREE after coupons from Walmart. I don't have a dog, I bought this with the intentions of donating it. After I went and dropped the dog food off I looked at their wish list of donation items. I wouldn't have thought that they needed Toilet Paper, dryer sheets, and laundry detergent. But everything they don't have to purchase out of pocket can go towards the animals.

So just because you may not be able to use something that you get free with a coupon, think about donating it to a local charity!!!

My friend Amber over at Southern IL Money Savers has a weekly Shop to Give Sunday meme!!!

Did you donate something this week??? Head on over to SI Money Savers and link up!!! Also please leave a comment here and let me know what you did this week!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Super Savings Saturday saved 72%

Total Spent: $70.95
Total Saved: $178.61 or 72%
I have $64.57 left for the rest of April

Big John's: Details HERE
Spent: $13.37
Saved: $1.00

Wags: Details HERE
Spent: $6.49
Saved: $80.27
RR Left: $2.50

Walmart: Details HERE & HERE
(also bought 2 24 packs of Diet Dr. P for $10.60)
Spent: $26.74
Saved: $41.50

Toys R Us: Details HERE
Spent: $2.25
Profit: $2.75 for $5 mail in rebate

Kroger: Details HERE
Spent: $20.97
Saved: $30.84

Family Dollar: Details HERE
Spent: $1.13
Saved: $18.00

How did you do this week??

4/21 Kroger

16 Healthy Choice Meals $32.00
used 8 $1/2 Healthy Choice coupons ($8)
Also for every 5 you buy they deduct $2 ($6)

Strawberries $1.99

Bananas $0.98

Total: $20.97
Saved: $30.84 or 59%

4/22 Family Dollar $1.13

(6) 70 ct Snuggle Dryer Sheets $18.00
used (6) $3.00 off snuggle

Just paid tax of $1.13

Donated 4 boxes to a local no kill animal shelter

Spent: $1.13
Saved: $18.00

4/20 Walmart

Won't go into detail here but the dog food was free plus $0.60 overage. I donated this to a local no kill animal shelter. The KY was $0.53 each after coupons.

Total Spent: $10.37
Total Saved: $16.00

4/19 Wags Saved 93%

Trans #1:

Nature's Bounty Vitamins $5
used $2 coupon

Total: $3.05
Saved: $6.99
RR Received: $5
Profit: $1.95

Trans #2:

Kotex Tampon $3.49
used $1 coupon

(2) Scotch Brite 3 pack Sponges $8.59
used in ad coupon dedt. $4.59
used 2 $1 off coupons

(3) Starburst Egg Fillers $0.75

Used $5 RR from prev trans

Total: $0.74
Saved: $18.01
RR: $2.50

Trans #3:

Natures Bounty Vitamins $5
used $2 printable

Starburst Egg Filler $0.25

Used $2.50 RR from prev trans

Total: $0.82
Saved: $10.53
RR Received: $5

Trans #4:

Kotex Pads $3.49
used $1 coupon

Colgate Toothpaste $2.99
used $1 coupon from April All You

(3) Starburst Egg Fillers $0.75

Used $5 RR from prev trans

Total: $0.68
Saved: $13.42
RR Received: $4.50

Trans # 5

Natures Bounty Vitamins $5
used $2 coupon

(2) Black Forest Gummy Bears $0.78

Dawn Dish Soap $1.99
used in ad coupon dedt $1
used $0.25 coupon from P&G

Used $4.50 in RR from prev transaction

Total: $0.18
Saved: $14.94
RR Earned: $5

Trans #6

Kotex Pads $3.49
used $1 coupon

(2) Scotch Brite 3 pack Sponges $8.59
used in ad coupon dedt. $4.59
used 2 $1 off coupons

Starburst Egg Filler $0.25

Dawn Dish Soap $1.99
used in ad coupon dedt $1
used $0.25 coupon from P&G

Used $5 RR from prev trans

Total: $1.02
Saved: $16.38
RR Earned : $2.50

Total Spent on ALL: $6.49
Total Saved: $80.27
RR left: $2.50

4/19 Walmart $5.77

Bic Razor $0.97 (donation)
used $2 off coupon. $1.03 overage

Benadryl Itch Stick $2.38
Benadryl Itch Stick $2.38
used $5/2 coupon. $1.12 overage

Clean & Clear $0.97
used $1 coupon. $0.03 overage

Schick Razors $1.97 (donation)
used $2 off coupon. $0.03 overage

20 cans Mighty Dog Food $11.40 (donated to local no kill animal shelter)
used 4 $3/5 coupons. $0.60 overage

4 Farmland Ham Steaks $10.00
used 2 $1 coupons from mailer
used 2 $0.75 coupons from mailer

Total Spent: $5.77
Total Saved: $25.50

Thursday, April 22, 2010

4/19 Toys R Us

More Toys R Us Seventh Generation

(3) Sev. Gen. Dish Soap $4.94

(3) Coupon for $1 off each

My total was $2.25 and I will submit for the $5 rebate!!! So I made a $2.75 profit!! Woohoo!! :o)

Estimated Savings: $7.07

4/18 Big John's--- DON'T Take your hubby shopping with you!!

2 Papers $3
Pancake Mix $1.49

Yes I would have left with these 3 items... BUT I saw my hubby wandering around the grocery store after he said he would wait in the car.... sigh...

3 oz bag of beef jerky... $5.99.... BUT it had a $1 peelie... lol STILL doesn't make it worth $5...
Chips $3.79...

I'm even embarrassed to post this trip and didn't want to include it in my budget... but I would have felt guilty if I didn't.

So... my word of ADVICE for the week... DON'T TAKE YOUR HUBBY WITH YOU!!!!!

Total Spent: $13.37
Total Saved: $1

Walgreens $1 Ink Cartridge Refill!!!

If your out of ink TODAY only is a wonderful day to head to wags!!! Today only you can get your ink refilled for only $1!!! I'm on the verge of running out of ink so i'm super excited about this. I've done this once before and it seemed to last longer than just a regular cartridge.

Giveaway: Simply Go-Gurt “Simplify Your Life” Gift Pack

A few of my bloggie friends are doing a giveaway for Simply GoGurt!!! You can go HERE to the Prudent Patron, her giveaway ends April 25th @ 11pm EST. You can go HERE to Southern IL Money Savers, her giveaway ends May 1st @ Midnight CST.

This prize package includes:
*Coupon for a free sample of Simply... Go-Gurt
*Go-Gurt pocket Etch a Sketch
*Weekly Planner
*Seat back organizer

Friday, April 16, 2010

Super Savings Saturday saved 47%

Total Spent: $116.10
Over Budget by $14.48
Total Saved: $103.33 or 47% (haha how embarassing!!!)

Walgreens: HERE & HERE
Total Spent: $7.63
Total Saved: $22.55

Big Johns: HERE
Total Spent: $30.67

Save-A-Lot: HERE & HERE
Total Spent: $14.54
Total Saved: $48.00

Kroger: HERE
Total Spent: $16.75
Total Saved: $11.82

Walmart: HERE
Total Spent: $42.59
Total Saved: $2.00

Toys R Us: HERE
Total Spent: $3.92
Total Saved: $18.96 (estimate)

How did you do this week??? I'd love to hear from you!!!

4/16 Save A Lot: $10.00 for 33 Beech Nut Meals

I had 33 coupons left and they expire 4/30 (my birthday!!) and the only place I can find them now is Save A lot. I've been meaning to gradually buy them. I've never used 33 coupons for the same product in one trip. But it was a teenage male cashier and I thought what the heck!! LoL!! So I told him I had 33 coupons and 33 beech nut meals!! Why can't every transaction be as good?? :o) I spent $10 on 33 meals. My son loves these little things!! :o) And I have OFFICIALLY gone OVER BUDGET this week... do i care...??? Nah... not this week. I also went clothes shopping and blew a bunch of money... there is no hope for me this week! :o)

Toys R Us: 7th generation cleaning products

Toys R Us has the 7th Generation cleaning products on clearance for $1.98. Also right now they have buy one get one 50% off. My TRU only had the all purpose cleaner, dish detergent, and fabric softner. I didn't buy them out just grabbed these 4 things.

(4) 7th Gen Products $5.92

(2) $1 7th gen coupons from the last inserts = $2

Paid: $3.92 for 4 NATURAL cleaning products. I have never used these and i'm excited to try them out!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

4/14 Save A Lot $4.54

Save A Lot is the only place I can find these now. Beechnut discontinued these and came out with some new ones. Well the new ones are a package of 2. At walmart they sell for $2.50 and i'm not paying $0.75 each for these. So I got these for $0.29 each after my $1 coupon. I have about 40 of these coupons left... so I guess I will be visiting Save A Lot again!! :o)

Spent $4.54
Saved $15.00

4/13 Kroger Spent $16.75

Wanted to grab some chicken before it went off sale. I spent $16.75 total and saved $11.82. The chicken was $1.77lb.

4/13 Walmart: What NOT to do :o)

Ugh.... I went in for PRODUCE... as you can see yes I did buy produce... but I also got lots of other stuff. I went in after class with NO PLAN. Don't do that... have a plan!! That's how you save money!!!!! Also... eat before you shop.. I was HUNGRY I just got out of class. :o) Also my hubby called and asked for me to grab him stuff for lunches for those hectic days. I spent $42.59 and saved $2.00!! lol This is why I hate walmart... ugh!!!! I bought like $16 worth of JUNK food!!!!!!!! So not me... oh well!! This is just to show ya... sometimes it's ok to do whatever you feel like doing. Don't beat yourself up if you go over budget. It happens sometimes!!!!

4/11 Walgreens Spent $2.21 Saved $15.95

2 papers = $3.00
2 Skippy Peanut Butter= $3.00
3 Aim Mouthwash = $0.75 (clearanced t0 $0.25 each)
Thermometer= $1.49 (clearance)

(2) $0.60 off Skippy PB = $1.20
$5 RR from Kotex deal = $5

Total: $2.21
Saved: $15.95

4/10 Big John's Spent $30.67

Yeah... I spent a lot... But I got 10lbs of beef so it's ok!! Hehe :o) Beef was $1.49lb. I also needed ingredients to make whole wheat waffles so I had to grab the Whole wheat flour & baking powder. I've been wanting to make french toast but I needed cinnamon. I also got the world's best hamburger seasoning by McCormick. I really just needed all of this... no deals. Spent $30.67

4/10 Wags Spent $5.42 saved $6.60

I did this deal last Saturday. I plan on spending around $6 each Sunday on newspapers so I bought these to get $5 in RR. I figure why not buy something out of pocket equal to what I would spend on papers anyway. :o) So these cost me $5.42 and I saved $6.60. I recieved $5 in RR. So I paid $0.42 for 2 boxes of tampons!!! Not too bad.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Super Savings Saturday saved 76%

Totally didn't realize it was Friday... haha :o) I noticed some other bloggers posting week deals and then it clicked... So i'm rushing my booty on here to do this!!! I'm watching lifetime movie network tonight. My hubby is out, my son is in bed, and i've had a very BUSY day!! Sat in the health dept waiting room for 2.5 hours. Then rushed my tired/hungry toddler home. While he napped I mowed our yard. Then after Keaton woke up I had to take my car in to get checked out and waited another hour or so. So my son spent 4 hours of his day WAITING... he was very very very unmanageable today!! So here is how I did for the week!!

Weekly Budget: $75.00

Total Spent: $48.38
(Under $26.62)
Total Saved: $153.13 or 76%

Wags: Details HERE
Spent: $18.74
Saved: $94.98

Big Johns: Details HERE
Spent: $23.15

Kmart: Details HERE & HERE
Spent: $6.49
Saved: $35.00

How did you do this week?? Feel free to link up below!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

2nd Kmart Trip

Um... yeah... Kmart is sold out of pretty much everything. They had nothing I wanted... so I went through my coupon thing I keep in my purse and looked for high value coupons and then I walked around to see what I could find. :o) I really didn't want to spend much money on anything this week at Kmart. Here's how I did:

(2) HUGE (the biggest i've seen) Crest Mouthwash they were almost $8 but they were clearanced to $5.76 each= $11.52
St. Ives Makeup Remover/Cleanser $3.32
(2) Right Guard Total 5 = $5
Trident Gum= $1 not pictured

(2) $2 off Crest = $8.00 off
$1.50 off St. Ives Face Care= $3.00 off
(2) $1.50 Right Guard Total 5= $6.00 off

*** I have read in MANY forums and blogs that Kmart doesnt take IP (internet printables) This is not the case for my Kmart... they do infact take them.

Total Spent: $5.64
Saved: $17.00 or 75%

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My first Kmart Doubles Trip

I fell in love with Kmart today... just for the double coupon event though!! :o) I had my biggest coupon high today!! hehe...

I wasn't gonna do the Kmart thing... but i looked at a few matchups and clipped a few coupons.

Kmart is doubling any coupon up to $2. You are limited to 5 coupons a day. I will def be going back tomorrow.

My total was $19.37 and after coupons... my total went to $0.85!!!!!! Can you believe that??? I so love Kmart this week!! :o)

(2) Soft Scrub Total: $2.99 each
(2) $1.50 Q from 3/7 red plum

(2) Gilette Body Wash: $4 each
(2) $2 off body wash 3/7 PG

Spot Shot: $4.49
$2 Q from April All You Mag

Total Paid: $0.85
Saved: $18.00 or 95%

Monday, April 5, 2010

4/5 Big John's

Buns $1.99
(2) Taco Mix $0.78
Tortilla $1.33 (for chicken wraps/tacos)
Bananas $1.42 (Keaton's FAVE)
(2) Ketchup $1.98
10.5 lbs of beef $15.42 ($1.49lb)

Gasp... no coupons!!! :o) Just stuff I needed!!!

Total: $23.15

4/4 & 4/5 Wags Shopping

I totally wasn't planning on buying ANY of this except for the papers, and the hair color. I was soooo overwhelmed and excited by the wags clearance that I just couldn't STOP buying crap :)!!!! Here is what I did...

4/4 Easter

(4) Papers $6.00
Hair Color $4.49 (i really like this color)
2 Pilot Gel Pens $2.38
3 Pilot Highlighters $3.57

$1 off Pilot Gel Pen/Highlighter -$5 (April coupon book)
$1.99 any colorsilk in ad coupon dedt $2.50

Total: $9.44
Saved: $23.50
Mail in Rebate: $4.50
Like Spending: $4.94!!!!!

Also i'm submitting for a Mail in Rebate for the highlighters/pens. It is a $4.50 rebate!!!

Ok... on to 4/5 Wags shopping. I wasn't even gonna go back to wags this week... nothing really interested me. My friend texted me and told me that Gillette razors were on clearance for $4.79... OMG totally almost out of these. So she put back 2 of them for me. I was out getting my son's shots so we headed to Wags when we were done with all of that. I raced home and grabbed my whole P&G inserts... no time to clip at home :o) Yeah... I bought A LOT of stuff... much more than I normally do. Here's what I got... :o)

3 Pack of Bath Sponges $2.00
(2) Gillette Fusion Razors $9.58
(4) St. Ives Body Wash $6.58 (they are buy one get one free for $3.29)
(4) Dawn Dish Soap $7.96
(3) Reach Toothbrush Double Pack $6.27 (clearanced to $2.09 each)
(4) Oral B Toothbrushes $6.96 (clearanced to $1.74 each)
(2) Oral B Crossaction TB $4.98 (clearanced to $2.49 each)

(2) $4 off Gillette Razors 4/4 P&G = -$8
(4) $1 off St. Ives Body = -$4
(4) $0.50 0ff Dawn 4/4 P&G = -$2
Wags in Ad coupon for Dawn = -$4
$5/3 Reach Products from Weight Watchers Mag = -$5
(6) $2 off Oral B toothbrushes from 4/4 p&G = -$12
Also noticed at the bottom of my reciept that an extra $2.40 was dedt for one of the razors.

Total: $9.30 for ALL of that!!! :o)
Saved: $71.48

I was sooo exicted about all the awesome clearance stuff!!! I got $0.82 overage for the razors and $1.04 overage for the toothbrushes!!!

Total Spent on both: $18.74
Total Saved: $94.98
MIR's: $4.50 for Pens/Highlighters
Total Saved: $94.98

Friday, April 2, 2010

Super Savings Saturday (Lazy Edition) Saved 77%

Nothing fancy about this week. Infact I didn't even post about any of these all week. It was a busy week with school, and the days I wasn't at school I spent outside with my son. This week I spent much less time on my computer "deal seeking". I believe that you need a break every once in awhile. I shopped a few free/cheap items. I also took this week to stock up on makeup that I need, and I grabbed some new St. Ives stuff to try out. I love that I can try stuff free/cheap with coupons :). All of this is going to go to my March spendings. Starting Sunday 4/4 I will start with my April budget of $300 or $75 a week.

I shopped Kroger, Big John's, CVS, and Wags this week!! I'm just gonna give you the total spent and the total saved at all. I'm glad March is over... it was the longest month of my life. Or maybe that's because I graduate school the end of April and it's also my birthday/anniversary in April. I LOVE APRIL :)

Ok... enough rambling.... here goes....

Total Spent: $72.34
Total Saved: $239.35 or 77%
(Ha not too bad for not caring this week!!)

Ok... so what did I get this week???

(4) Covergirl Eyeliners
(3) Aveeno Face Products
(2) CVS Hair Care (donation)
(2) Maybelline Mineral Powders (not pictured)
(1) Covergirl Powder (not pictured)
(2) 50 ct CVS Oil Absorbing Sheets (these totally rock)

Big John:
(5) Kraft BBQ Sauce
8.6 lbs of PorkChops
Chicago Tribune (for my coupons)

(6) Tubs of I can't believe it's not butter (FREE after coupons)

(7) Newspapers (for coupons)
(5) Airwick (FREE---even gave away my last 3 coupons)
(2) Jack's Link Beef Jerky (for hubby)
(8) Vick's Cough Drops
(4) Puffs (FREE)
(5) 12 packs coke zero
(2) J & J baby wash
(4) Easter Tumblers
(8) Dove Hair Care Items
(2) 12 packs of Cottonelle
Dulcolax and a $5 MIR

I got 76 items this week for $73 dollars!!! WOW... that really shows you HOW AWESOME coupons are!!!!!!!! I'm so happy I was able to stock up on make up!!! So... my super long post made up for the week of me not posting. It was nice to take a week off and not care. And I really only went over budget by about $20.

How did you do this week????

Cutting my hair off today!! Yay :)

I have SUPER thin, fine hair. No body... just flat. So I like to keep my hair SHORT. It really looks like I have more hair when it's shorter. The pic above is pretty much what my hair looks like now. It's short in the back. Kind of like an angled bob. And the pic below is what I think i'm gonna do to it.

I'm just a tad bit nervous to go this short again. This hair was before I had my son. I'm not sure if the texture of my hair is any different now that I've had a child. So I guess we will see. Hair grows back, right?? :)

What about you guys, are you ready to change your look for summer???

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I haven't posted in a while... so here :)

Ahhh... I feel like it's been forever since i've posted anything. I've done quite a bit of shopping this week. Not so much for groceries. I bought bananas and a few other things. I spent WAY too much money at Wags & CVS this week. But... this is just one of those weeks that I just don't care. You ever get like that?? Anywho... it's been BEAUTIFUL here in my hometown. I've been having problems getting my butt to school!! Incase you didn't know I go to class M-W from 3pm-9pm. I'm a nail technician student and I LOVE IT!!! I will be graduating the beginning of May. I can't wait!! I can't wait to start working. I quit my job last August so I could stay home with my son when i'm not in class. Without my income we couldn't really afford the extra $500 a month for childcare.

But pretty much all week i've been lazy. :o) Well... not super lazy i've still been cooking and doing laundry/dishes. Although I did take a break from all of that today and my house is a wreck. I will prob go put some laundry up when i'm done with this post.

Today my best friend since 7th grade, my son, and myself all went to lunch and went to the park. It was really fun. It's just nice to get out with another human I can hold a conversation with :). Don't get me wrong I love my conversations with my almost 2 year old!! hehe :)

So blogger friends, and anyone else who may read this. What have you been up to all week??? Do you ever just want to take a break from everything?? Also what are your Easter weekend plans??

(Isn't my son adorable in the pic :) hehe It was his first ice cream cone!!)