Friday, April 2, 2010

Super Savings Saturday (Lazy Edition) Saved 77%

Nothing fancy about this week. Infact I didn't even post about any of these all week. It was a busy week with school, and the days I wasn't at school I spent outside with my son. This week I spent much less time on my computer "deal seeking". I believe that you need a break every once in awhile. I shopped a few free/cheap items. I also took this week to stock up on makeup that I need, and I grabbed some new St. Ives stuff to try out. I love that I can try stuff free/cheap with coupons :). All of this is going to go to my March spendings. Starting Sunday 4/4 I will start with my April budget of $300 or $75 a week.

I shopped Kroger, Big John's, CVS, and Wags this week!! I'm just gonna give you the total spent and the total saved at all. I'm glad March is over... it was the longest month of my life. Or maybe that's because I graduate school the end of April and it's also my birthday/anniversary in April. I LOVE APRIL :)

Ok... enough rambling.... here goes....

Total Spent: $72.34
Total Saved: $239.35 or 77%
(Ha not too bad for not caring this week!!)

Ok... so what did I get this week???

(4) Covergirl Eyeliners
(3) Aveeno Face Products
(2) CVS Hair Care (donation)
(2) Maybelline Mineral Powders (not pictured)
(1) Covergirl Powder (not pictured)
(2) 50 ct CVS Oil Absorbing Sheets (these totally rock)

Big John:
(5) Kraft BBQ Sauce
8.6 lbs of PorkChops
Chicago Tribune (for my coupons)

(6) Tubs of I can't believe it's not butter (FREE after coupons)

(7) Newspapers (for coupons)
(5) Airwick (FREE---even gave away my last 3 coupons)
(2) Jack's Link Beef Jerky (for hubby)
(8) Vick's Cough Drops
(4) Puffs (FREE)
(5) 12 packs coke zero
(2) J & J baby wash
(4) Easter Tumblers
(8) Dove Hair Care Items
(2) 12 packs of Cottonelle
Dulcolax and a $5 MIR

I got 76 items this week for $73 dollars!!! WOW... that really shows you HOW AWESOME coupons are!!!!!!!! I'm so happy I was able to stock up on make up!!! So... my super long post made up for the week of me not posting. It was nice to take a week off and not care. And I really only went over budget by about $20.

How did you do this week????


  1. Happy APRIL! Cograts on your quickly approaching graduation and Happy Birthday/Anniversary! We know you'll be using all those fun new porducts to get all dolled up for those events! I put on makeup for the first time in months a few weeks back and it wasn't anything crazy, but it made me feel pretty! I guess I should take off my mom jeans and t's and doll up a bit more often! The cashiers at SHoprite won't even recognize me!

    Still great savings for an "off" week. Even when we are giving ourselves a break, this savings thing is still in our blood!

  2. Thanks Noelle!! :o) I can't leave my house without makeup. I at least have to put on mineral foundation!! I'm that girl that gets her papers at noon bc she had to shower and get ready first!! lol :)

    And you are so right... the saving thing is in our blood.

  3. Great Deal!!! Just visiting! Thanks for having my blog on the side too :)


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