Friday, April 23, 2010

Super Savings Saturday saved 72%

Total Spent: $70.95
Total Saved: $178.61 or 72%
I have $64.57 left for the rest of April

Big John's: Details HERE
Spent: $13.37
Saved: $1.00

Wags: Details HERE
Spent: $6.49
Saved: $80.27
RR Left: $2.50

Walmart: Details HERE & HERE
(also bought 2 24 packs of Diet Dr. P for $10.60)
Spent: $26.74
Saved: $41.50

Toys R Us: Details HERE
Spent: $2.25
Profit: $2.75 for $5 mail in rebate

Kroger: Details HERE
Spent: $20.97
Saved: $30.84

Family Dollar: Details HERE
Spent: $1.13
Saved: $18.00

How did you do this week??


  1. Nice shopping!!
    I am following your blog now.
    I'd love it if you come by mine, it is

  2. Visiting and following from Friday Follow. Looks like you got some great deals. Are those leopard placemats? Wishing you a grand weekend and happy escapes!

    ~ Lynn

  3. Yes they are leopard place mats :) I love animal print!!! :o) Thanks for stopping by!!

  4. Ah yes, I'm on a frugal journey myself! Nice to meet you. I'm stopping by from Friday Follow.

    I hope you'll come over and visit and follow me back ;)


  5. I love your site. It's great to see everyone saving lots of money.


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