Friday, April 16, 2010

Super Savings Saturday saved 47%

Total Spent: $116.10
Over Budget by $14.48
Total Saved: $103.33 or 47% (haha how embarassing!!!)

Walgreens: HERE & HERE
Total Spent: $7.63
Total Saved: $22.55

Big Johns: HERE
Total Spent: $30.67

Save-A-Lot: HERE & HERE
Total Spent: $14.54
Total Saved: $48.00

Kroger: HERE
Total Spent: $16.75
Total Saved: $11.82

Walmart: HERE
Total Spent: $42.59
Total Saved: $2.00

Toys R Us: HERE
Total Spent: $3.92
Total Saved: $18.96 (estimate)

How did you do this week??? I'd love to hear from you!!!


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  3. Hi Mandy, those are some very impressive figures. I really should keep better track of my spending the way you do.

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  5. Hi there! Wow, you're couponing is impressive! It's one of those things that I always want to try but never get around to. I'm sure I can pick up some tips from your site :)

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  7. For Shame, for shame! lol, just kidding!

  8. Haha!!! :o) I'm even embarrassed to show these totals... but we cant always save 75%+!!! lol :o)


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