Monday, April 5, 2010

4/5 Big John's

Buns $1.99
(2) Taco Mix $0.78
Tortilla $1.33 (for chicken wraps/tacos)
Bananas $1.42 (Keaton's FAVE)
(2) Ketchup $1.98
10.5 lbs of beef $15.42 ($1.49lb)

Gasp... no coupons!!! :o) Just stuff I needed!!!

Total: $23.15


  1. Hey, but you can't beat some of those prices, especially the meat at $1.49!! Love that!

  2. Oh yeah!!! I will prob get some more this week. I still have about $30 left in my budget for the week. I'm holding out til Wed to see if Kroger has anything good on sale!!!


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