Thursday, April 29, 2010

My last day as a 23 year old...

Today is my very last day as a 23 year old. Tomorrow I will turn 24!!! This has truly been a great year. I've gotten to watch my almost 2 year old grow up from a tiny baby to a full fledged toddler. During my 23rd year I learned how to save tremendous amounts of money by couponing. I also made the decision to return back to school to become a licensed nail technician. My very last day of class is next monday!!! I'm sooooo excited. I will take state boards in June and then start my job at a Spa. I also started this blog which I love. I've gotten to meet other bloggers and make some new friends.

I will also celebrate my 3rd year anniversary tomorrow. Yes... I got married on my birthday!! hehe :o) It's really easy for my hubby to remember... bc if he forgets that day.... he's in BIG trouble!!!

We're going out tomorrow night to eat at Olive Garden. I haven't been there in forever and i'm craving some really good chicken alfredo!!

Thank you all sooo much for being a part of my blog!!! I have 100 followers now!! Yipee!!! :o)


  1. How uplifting is this post?!? I'm so glad you've had a wonderful year - you don't hear many people say that. Happy Birthday and Congratulations - all wrapped up into one!
    PS - don't forget your sunday coupon for Olive Garden! haha

  2. Thanks Toni!! :o) It really has been a great year!! Thanks for the birthday wishes!! And of course I have my coupon for Olive Garden!! lol There was a $5/2 entrees coupon on their website.

  3. Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary, all in one! :o) Hope next year is as great as this one was for you!

  4. Happy Birthday and Anniversary Mandy!! I hope you have a wonderful day. :)


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