Wednesday, April 7, 2010

2nd Kmart Trip

Um... yeah... Kmart is sold out of pretty much everything. They had nothing I wanted... so I went through my coupon thing I keep in my purse and looked for high value coupons and then I walked around to see what I could find. :o) I really didn't want to spend much money on anything this week at Kmart. Here's how I did:

(2) HUGE (the biggest i've seen) Crest Mouthwash they were almost $8 but they were clearanced to $5.76 each= $11.52
St. Ives Makeup Remover/Cleanser $3.32
(2) Right Guard Total 5 = $5
Trident Gum= $1 not pictured

(2) $2 off Crest = $8.00 off
$1.50 off St. Ives Face Care= $3.00 off
(2) $1.50 Right Guard Total 5= $6.00 off

*** I have read in MANY forums and blogs that Kmart doesnt take IP (internet printables) This is not the case for my Kmart... they do infact take them.

Total Spent: $5.64
Saved: $17.00 or 75%


  1. My Kmart has completely restocked over between yesterday and today. Maybe you could call and ask what their restocking day is.

  2. Yeah I thought they may restock sometime through the week. I will be taking a break today. Kmart is in the next town 15 miles away and I don't have any reason to go today. I might go tomorrow!! :o) Thanks for the advice!!!

  3. I have been totally lazy this week. I haven't been anywhere since last friday!! The girls have been on Spring Break.

    I do have to go to Carbondale today to take Emeri to the Dr. so who knows maybe I will got to Kmart.

  4. Yeah I hear you on that... I've just ran to kmart the past 2 days bc I was in Paducah for class. It's only 15 mins away but to just get ready do my hair and makeup, get my kiddo ready, drive over there, and get back home... ummm not so much :).

    It's all cloudy and not as warm today so I will prob just stay in. :o)

    There are a few great finds to be found there.


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