Wednesday, April 28, 2010

4/26 Wags profit of $8.44!!!!!

So... I did 9 transactions. No I didn't stand in the same store for all of these. I did 6 of them Monday at 2 with my fave cashier in my hometown store. Then I stopped at one wags on my way home from class and picked up another. And then at about 7 pm that same day I did 2 last transactions at the same one i started at. No I didn't take EVERYTHING... and YES I did indeed leave stuff for others!!! :o)

I'm not breaking this down trans by trans.... but I will let you know what I did. I did a purchase of Skintimate & a filler, and then rolled that RR with my next trans consisting of the stayfree and plackers and fillers.

A few highlights here... the ink cartridge was only $1. I didn't pick this up til monday but I did drop it off last thursday. The price was already in the computer for $1. Also on my box there was a coupon for half off my ink refill. I really like getting my ink filled at wags.

The ban was from either last week or the week before. It was $0.99 with the in ad coupon and there were $0.75 printables. I got a raincheck because they were out. So I got each deodorant for $0.24 each.

And the candy bars were $0.39 this week... excellent fillers... I have hidden these in a drawer in my kitchen so my hubby can't eat them!! lol I told him last night if he ever wanted to know what i've bought for the week he can always check my blog. SOOOO if he really does check my blog i'm trouble and my poor candy bars will be gone :)

Ok... so after 9 transactions my total was.... $6.56 and I saved.... $74.95. I also have $15 in RR. So I made a profit of $8.44!!!

Also I will donate the stayfree.

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  1. Hey Mandy, I would love it if you would link up! :) If you don't have time to write out a donation post you can just link to this post.


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