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 So I've tried the Coupon Binder... I do find it a fab way to organize... but i'm not lugging that huge thing to the store. I also hate the fact that I have to shove my coupons into those small baseball card holder sheets. I also have to have super cute fun colors... or I get bored!!! :o)

I do not intend to take my box in the store. I have tried it... i've tried taking the binder in as well. I have a 2 year old and when I take him I have to get in and out. While it would be much easier to keep my inserts whole I prefer to cut them all out. With this method I can really customize it. For example my first category is Dairy. Within that category I have several sub cats. I keep index cards in the category and paper clip my coupons to each card. 

I found this scrapbooking storage set from Michaels. I think it cost me $7 after a coupon I used. I think it runs around $14-$15. There are 4 boxes and 3 different sizes.

This is the largest box. I use those box to store whole inserts (until they get clipped) I also usually don't clip my P&G & General Mills Inserts. I can also keep my scissors, paper clips, pens, and anything else I may need.

 There are 2 smaller boxes with lids that come with the set. In this photo I have put all my food coupons in one box and all of my non food in the other. This way if you decide you just need food coupons you can throw the lid on and throw it in your purse!!!
 This is the Med size box. The 2 smaller boxes actually fit inside of it. This way you can have all of your coupons in the same box.

 I bought 3x5 index dividers from office depot to use as separators. I however thought that they were very boring. So I decided to personalize mine!! :o)
These cards were a very plain yellow color. I went to Michaels and got some super cute scrapbook paper. The sheets cost me $.19 each!!! I think I made about 4-5 index cards per sheet. I used double stick tape to outline the index cards and then cut them out. I also printed my categories out and taped those on as well.
 Here is the finished product!!!
If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Also i'm not saying this is the way YOU should organize your coupons... this is just what works for me!!! :o)

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