Monday, April 5, 2010

4/4 & 4/5 Wags Shopping

I totally wasn't planning on buying ANY of this except for the papers, and the hair color. I was soooo overwhelmed and excited by the wags clearance that I just couldn't STOP buying crap :)!!!! Here is what I did...

4/4 Easter

(4) Papers $6.00
Hair Color $4.49 (i really like this color)
2 Pilot Gel Pens $2.38
3 Pilot Highlighters $3.57

$1 off Pilot Gel Pen/Highlighter -$5 (April coupon book)
$1.99 any colorsilk in ad coupon dedt $2.50

Total: $9.44
Saved: $23.50
Mail in Rebate: $4.50
Like Spending: $4.94!!!!!

Also i'm submitting for a Mail in Rebate for the highlighters/pens. It is a $4.50 rebate!!!

Ok... on to 4/5 Wags shopping. I wasn't even gonna go back to wags this week... nothing really interested me. My friend texted me and told me that Gillette razors were on clearance for $4.79... OMG totally almost out of these. So she put back 2 of them for me. I was out getting my son's shots so we headed to Wags when we were done with all of that. I raced home and grabbed my whole P&G inserts... no time to clip at home :o) Yeah... I bought A LOT of stuff... much more than I normally do. Here's what I got... :o)

3 Pack of Bath Sponges $2.00
(2) Gillette Fusion Razors $9.58
(4) St. Ives Body Wash $6.58 (they are buy one get one free for $3.29)
(4) Dawn Dish Soap $7.96
(3) Reach Toothbrush Double Pack $6.27 (clearanced to $2.09 each)
(4) Oral B Toothbrushes $6.96 (clearanced to $1.74 each)
(2) Oral B Crossaction TB $4.98 (clearanced to $2.49 each)

(2) $4 off Gillette Razors 4/4 P&G = -$8
(4) $1 off St. Ives Body = -$4
(4) $0.50 0ff Dawn 4/4 P&G = -$2
Wags in Ad coupon for Dawn = -$4
$5/3 Reach Products from Weight Watchers Mag = -$5
(6) $2 off Oral B toothbrushes from 4/4 p&G = -$12
Also noticed at the bottom of my reciept that an extra $2.40 was dedt for one of the razors.

Total: $9.30 for ALL of that!!! :o)
Saved: $71.48

I was sooo exicted about all the awesome clearance stuff!!! I got $0.82 overage for the razors and $1.04 overage for the toothbrushes!!!

Total Spent on both: $18.74
Total Saved: $94.98
MIR's: $4.50 for Pens/Highlighters
Total Saved: $94.98


  1. WOW!!! I'm still getting organized but am hoping to get back into the coupon swing of things soon! Glad to hear about your great shopping deals!!!

  2. Thanks :o) Aren't coupons great??


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