Sunday, February 7, 2010

Save-A-Lot Shopping 2/7 Spent $13.40 & Printable coupons

Hey guys!! I don't do a lot of Save-A-Lot shopping. I ran in there today because we used our last can of corn last night, and that's kind of the only veggie I like... SOOOO we needed more :o). Save-A-Lot is a great place to get canned goods. I had also printed off some coupons from their site. Yeah Save-a-lot takes coupons... that's pretty awesome!!! Go HERE to see what coupons they have. This was probably a 5 min trip for me. I knew what I was going in for, and I also wanted to check a few prices. Here's what I got:

Banana's $0.59 lb= $0.79

Trash bags = $2.49

Shells & Cheese = $1.49
used $0.40 coupon from here = $1.09

(4) Cans of corn $0.49 each = $1.96
used $0.50/4 coupon from here = $1.46 for 4 cans

(2) Lite Ranch Dressing $1.29 each = $2.58
used B1G1 coupon from here = $1.29 for 2

(4) Cans of Spaghetti O's $0.79 each= $3.16

Mac n Cheese = $0.40

Strawberry Jelly= $2.49

I paid $13.40 for 15 items... an average of $0.83 each item

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