Saturday, February 20, 2010

A good shopping day for Keaton (my son)!!! 2 Fisher Price toys for $1.19!!!

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Photo #1 Toys R Us $1.19 Out of Pocket

I had a $20 Gift card for buying 3 boxes of Pampers diapers during the presidents day sale. I really like buying the HUMONGOUS boxes of pampers bc they last FOREVER!! Also once you buy 9 of the big boxes they send you a FREE BOX(one of HUGE ones)!!! So I have now bought my 9 boxes and will get my Free box soon. You can do this buy signing up for their rewards r us program and showing your card everytime you buy diapers. If you wait til they have their gift card promos you can do good!! So they were having fisher price toys Buy one toy get one free up to $24.99. So i picked out the REALLY LOUD lawnmower toy :o) and the laugh and learn puppy.

My subtotal was $24.99 and I had a 20% off one baby item which took off another $5. My total was $21.19 and I paid with my $2o gift card. My total out of pocket for 2 toys was $1.19!!! I'm saving the puppy for either his easter basket or maybe birthday (July).

Photo #2 $10.59 @ Walgreens

I ran into walgreens to check out a few items for tomorrows deals. I needed to see if they had any joint juice. I have $20 RR expiring tomorrow and in the early week. Anyway me and Keaton walked around and saw this super cute lion. It's bigger than my 19 month old. Normally I wouldn't buy stuff like this... but it was SOOOO cute watching Keaton carry this around. So the "sucker" in me bought it for him. It was reg $19.99 and it was half off for the Valentines clearance. If I go in there tomorrow and clearance is 75% off... i'm gonna be mad!! lol :o)

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