Friday, January 15, 2010

My Shopping this week!!! Spent $37.29 Saved $120.49 or 76%Savings :)

Not a very interesting week for me this week. I've been spending too much time on the Computer and what not. I also started back to school this week. So I was preoccupied with that. But here is what I did this week. I didn't really need a lot. Just the basics. My freezer is stocked with meat, but i'm going to have to find some good sales on meat soon cause it's getting kind of low. So here goes... :)

Walmart Shopping $ 13.57
Spent $13.57 Saved $5.00

Walgreens $2.12
This was 2 dif trans. Also notice the dif in size in toilet paper?!?!? Yeah I totally didn't see that til I got home and took the picture. Oh well!!! Also not pictured are my coupon inserts I bought. They were free after my $6RR. I bought 4 papers.

Trans #1
2 Quilted Northern TP = $8.58

Total= $9.12
Used $8RR
Total = $1.12 oop
Saved $8

Trans #2
2 Quaker Oats 2/$3
used (2) $1 Q's
Total = $1 :)
Saved $5

Saved $6

Big John's
Spent $9.62 saved $3.30


I walked into to CVS with $14 in ECB's that were about to expire and I'm really looking forward to the 6/$20 Pepsi 12 packs since we just ran out of Diet Dr. Pepper yesterday. So I wanted to spend those ECB's on items that were going to generate more. Here's what I did.

All the Christmas was 90% off!! Yay so I bought 5 things of curling ribbon, 3 things of white tissue paper, 2 rolls of wrapping paper, I got 3 lil stocking stuffer things of body wash, and that makeup kit all for $4.46. All the stuff was around $.19-$.99 each. So I was pretty excited about my Christmas clearance.

I also got:
2 cans of Oust $3.99 each = $7.98
2 Pantene Pro V Shampoo & Conditioner 2/$6.97
2 SoyJoy Boxes $6 each = $12.00
1 Schick Razors = $1.29
2 Almay clearance make-up $1.99 each = $3.98

Total= $35.39

Coupons Used:
B1g1 oust $3.99
Pantene $3/2
Schick $1.29
$5/20 CVS Q
$13.94 in ECB's

New total= $10.74 and I received $20 in ECB's for next week.
Spent= $10.74 Saved= $86.61


Here is my Kroger shopping. I went in and looked around... Didn't really need anything but I wanted to get the Dawn Direct Foam. It was on sale for $2 each and I had (2) $1.50 off Q's. So this only cost me $1.24 with a savings of $6.58!!!


  1. Just an FYI--- my Kroger has Purdue brand family size packs of chicken breasts on sale this week for $.99/lb. That is a steal! I bought 3 packages and then repackaged them into smaller size packages to better suit my family.

    This sale might come in handy if you are looking to restock your meat stash.

  2. Thank you Megan!!! We are out of chicken breasts and my local grocery store had them for $3.29 a lb... can you believe that???? lol I don't like to spend over $1.99lb... I'm headed to Kroger soon to get more Gatorade so I will def check this out!! Thanks for the heads up :)


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