Sunday, January 17, 2010

Old Navy- $567.50 Worth of Clothes for JUST $64.80 saved 88%!!!!!!!

So, yeah :) I totally had to RUSH out to Old Navy last night and again today :). I had read about so many other bloggers and their awesome deals. Old Navy had their clearance at an EXTRA 50% off. I love Old Navy... and I sure do LOVE sales and saving money!!!! So I printed out my $5/25 coupon thinking I wouldn't spend more than $25. Yeah I was wrong... but I got SOOO much. Also I had every intention of working on Keaton's wardrobe for the following year. There was NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING left for his size. So I bought my husband Dustin a ton of work clothes and a few things for myself!!! I saved 88% at Old Navy, and i'm pretty excited about this :) I was able to get Dustin 3 pairs of pants, 3 long sleeve polos, a sweater vest, 6 button up shirts, 2 sweaters, 2 hoodie jackets, a tee, and 2 pairs of boxers. I got myself 5 tank tops, slippers, a hoodie jacket (I actually got this at kohls for $6 down from $30), 2 water bottles, and a package of coasters (for Dustin). I'm happy :)


  1. NICE JOB! I didn't even think to look for myself or my hubby.

  2. Thanks Megan!! :) I went with every intention of getting my 18 month old clothes. It was wiped clean. So I got the hub lots of work clothes. I had felt bad for getting on to him for going to Kohls and buying a pair of shoes for $70!!!! I told him they would go on sale... lol so we did take them back and I ordered him some last night for about $43 shipping included. So that's why I bought him so much at Old Navy!! :) And I love love love tank tops!!!


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