Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Stock up on meat!!! Wahooo :o) 15.73 lbs for just $17.40

We have a local grocery store called Big John. Now... it's the only grocery store in our small town... so yeah they charge an arm and a leg. I only buy the things I need ASAP or great sales. They had sirloin pork chops for $0.99lb, and pork steaks for $1.29lb. I just cooked the last of our pork chops 2 nights ago, and were down to 2 small packs of pork steaks. So I was SOOO excited that they had meat this cheap. So here's a breakdown!!!

1/2 gallon whole milk- $1.33
1/2 gallon 2% - $1.33
Pork steak $4.31
Pork Steak $4.72
Chops $2.47
Chops $3.06
Chops $2.84

I spent a total of $20.26 on almost 16lbs of meat and a gallon of milk!!!!


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  2. Nothing beats Great Deals on Meat!

  3. Thanks!!! We were almost out of pork!! haha not now :) Now if i could just get some good finds on beef and chicken!!!

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