Friday, January 29, 2010

CVS: Gatorade & Sobe Lifewater 73% Savings

So... I have to admit. I've been a bit lazy this week. Sometimes you just need a break from dealseeking. I didn't even look at the Wags & CVS matchups. After class the other night I went to CVS in search of some Beef Jerky. My husband loves it and always asks for it. And yeah... it's not really in my budget... but darnit... he works hard and the least I can do is get him some jerky!!! :o) So I went in and they wanted $4.99 a bag... when I knew it was the same price at Wags for 2 bags. So I skipped getting it at CVS and snagged some Gat & Sobe. My hub loves this also and it keeps him out of my Diet Dr. Pepper!! :) They are 4/$5 and when you buy $20 you get a $10ecb.

8 Sobes $10
8 Gatorade $10
Total $21.20
Paid with $12 Ecb
New Total $9.20
Recieved $10ECB
Saved $25.44

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