Friday, January 22, 2010

Free Carefree @ Dollar General!! :o) Saved 46%

So we have some MAJOR backed up drains at our house... SOOO ANNOYING!!! So I ran to Dollar General to get some Liquid Plumber. I also wanted to get some of the free packs of carefree pads. I was going to get the bandaids also but after looking at the coupon the $1box of bandaids wasn't listed on the coupon and I'm very honest with my couponing so I just let it go. I did order some $1 off any Johnson bandaids and will go back and use those. But when you walk into to DG they have coupons beside the weekly ads. There are $1off any carefree pads in them making them FREE!!!!!!!! So go stock up!!!! :o)

I spent: $3.44 on and saved $4.00 bringing my savings to 46%. Not bad for a store thats already pretty cheap!!! I will be getting more pads in the following week!!!

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