Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kroger Spent $29.32 Saved $139.25 or 83%

I got everything for $29.32 with a savings of $139.25 or 83%!!!

The J&J buddies were free after coupons.

(28) Boxes of pasta for $0.25 each after coupons.

(6) Ken's dressings for $0.49 each

(8) A1 for $1.39 each (my hubby loves this and that is a GREAT stock up price for me)

(3) Coke Zero free after coupons.

(6) Sargento for $0.67 each after coupons.

(1) Ritz for $0.99

(4) Mott's Apple Juices $0.99 each


  1. Great haul! I am getting ready to stock up on pasta tomorrow, however I don't think I have that many coupons. :)

  2. Yeah I had to order them from ebay :)

  3. I think it's about time for SOMEbody to host a spaghetti dinner :)

    You did great! I always look forward to seeing your groc shops :)

  4. Haha yeah Toni I suppose I should have a pasta party :) hehe I have tons now!!!

    I'm glad you look forward to my shops!!! Could you imagine all us bloggers in one grocery store!!! Poor cashiers!! :o)

  5. Wow! Love it!! Wish I could do that good!! Now following from Friday Follow!
    Have a great weekend.

  6. Anon--

    I respect your opinion. But I shopped at 2 different Krogers for all of this. There was plenty of pasta left for others. I also don't go the first day of the sales. I wait until later in the week to do a lot of my couponing. And as far as sharing I have a box in my stockpile room that I have for things I plan to donate.


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