Tuesday, March 2, 2010

20 Ribeye's for $20

The Omaha Steak Company came to a local town and had the 20 Ribeye's for $20. Sounded like a good enough deal to me. Well.... I bought them and they definitely aren't the same thing i'm used to. When hubby & I cook Ribeye's we get about 1lb steaks or larger. But I will say, these are perfect for steak sandwiches, and maybe to do with breakfast. I'm just glad I didn't buy more than one box of these. They equal out to be 4oz each and 5lbs total. So $4 a lb for Ribeye. Just a heads up for anyone else that may hear or see about this deal. This is what you can expect.

Total Spent: $21.50


  1. I had never ordered through them before but had always wondered. My sister law use to rave about them. I am all for getting my meat as cheap as I can!! ;)

  2. I talked them down to 6 boxes of different cuts for $100. I have to agree that the ribeyes do taste better on a sandwich...especially with some sauteed mushrooms and onions..YUM!


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