Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saying bye to my coupon binder and hello to my new system!!!

My new coupon organizing system!!!!

I started couponing in August of 2009. I right away went with a coupon binder. I spent a lot of time and effort on it. At the time I really thought that was what I wanted. I am not the kind of person who can take my binder in stores with me. I have to plan out to a T what I am going to buy. I'm a list maker. Well... I haven't clipped coupons for the past month. I'm tired of clipping every coupon, and then filing them away in their proper categories. So I remembered something I saw on She goes into extreme detail. I'm just going to briefly show you what works for me. This method won't work for everyone. I think the binder is a fantastic idea and I will still have my binder intact if I ever decide to switch back. So do what works best for you!!!

I already had this filing system sterilite container. I love it. You can find these at walmart or the dollar stores for just under $5. It has a locking lid on it. And it's a great size. You could use anything that holds hanging file folders. I like this one because it's very light and mobile. And those are my sons hands all over it.. haha.I then went to office depot and purchased some hanging file folders. I chose the Smead multicolored pack of 25. They were $9.49 for a box of 25. I wrote in pencil on the tabs so I can change them when I need to. The way I now sort my coupons is by insert & date. I will keep the newest inserts in front. I also took all my inserts and combined all like pages so when I need to clip a particular coupon I can do so easily. I think I may also take a few minutes every Sunday and write down what coupons I have and the amount that way I can place a list with each insert.

This small organizer is the one I keep in my purse at all times. This is what I will use to store what coupons I plan to use at each store. I also have a spot for Register Rewards and Extra Care Bucks. I believe mine has 12 sections to it. Customize this for your needs. If you have any questions leave a comment!!! I hope I covered everything. I wrote this while dealing with my 19 month old crawling ALL OVER me!!!

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  1. This is basically what I do except that I really need to buy one of those containers. Instead right now I have all my inserts stacked inside my large zip up binder and lets just say that it would be better in the system you have. I use to try and still take it to the store that way until the day I was at CVS and all my inserts went all over the floor and a lady near me started laughing at me. Lovely!! LOL

    So now I just keep it in the car while I shop in case I need to clip something I haven't already clipped.


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