Friday, June 25, 2010

Super Savings Saturday saved 52%

Walmart: Details HERE & HERE
Spent: $19.18
Saved: $29.10

Kroger: Details HERE
Spent: $9.24
Saved: $15.87

Wags: Details HERE
Spent: $0
Saved: $6.00

Big John's: Details HERE
Spent: $18.40

Total Spent: $46.82
Total Saved: $50.97 or 52%

How did you do this week??? Please link up below!!!


  1. Great shopping this week! I am wondering how you like the Kraft Cheese bites. We got ours and I wasn't real impressed with them.

  2. Yeah i'm glad I didn't have to pay anything for them. I wouldn't spend money on them. I'm in love with the sargento cheese cubes. They are pricey but oh soooo good :o)


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