Friday, June 11, 2010

Super Savings Saturday saved 58%

I shopped at Kroger, Wags, CVS, Walmart, and Medco this week.

Total Spent: $62.93
Total Saved: $86.61 or 58%

I never save a lot when I shop at walmart... I blame them!!! lol Also It's been a week now since i've started working since last August... I'm having problems adjusting to getting up super early, working, balancing time, cleaning house, cooking dinner, spending time with family, and couponing. Bear with me!!! :o)

How did you do this week??? Please share below!!


  1. You did great! Thanks for link-up! Hope you are enjoying your new job!

  2. You couldn't have done too bad at Walmart, look at all those free wipes!

  3. Looks like you had a great week even though you were busy! I hope you can get adjusted to the new schedule soon, you've got a lot going on!

    Just curious about your coupon inserts. Do you typically buy that many every week or do you wait and see what is going to be in them? Do you include that as a grocery expense? Just curious.


  4. Thanks everyone!!!

    Jane--- I typically buy 4 newspapers every sunday. If it's a bad coupon week I try to at least buy 2. You never know when you may need a coupon. I bought 8 this week bc I had a ton of RR that I needed to burn through. I also wanted the free Pampers wipes. I do include my newspapers in my budget. But typically I buy them with RR. My budget consists of food, pet, household, and health/beauty!!! How is the new baby doing??

  5. Thanks for your input Mandy. I looked back and I thought I had linked up my SSS post here last week, but I must not have because I don't see it. Post pregnancy brain I guess.:) Thanks for your tip with using your RR. I always forget to do that. The baby is doing well, thanks for asking! He is so very sweet and is now sleeping in chunks of 6-7 hours at night. For a 7 week old baby, I think that is pretty good!


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