Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pinecone Research: Accepting Applications!!!

I am a member of Pinecone research. I love them. Each time I do a survey I get $3 deposited to my Paypal account. So HURRY over here and apply to do surveys with this company. I don't get a ton of surveys but you don't have to worry about not qualifying for their surveys. Not sure how long they will be accepting applications!!! Let me know if you get in!! :o)

Thanks, ThePrudentPatron!!!


  1. Is it a thing where you get a lot of junk mail when you do surveys? I use to do something like that and I use to get a lot of junk mail. I'd be interested in doing something like that if you don't get a whole lot! :o)

  2. The only time I get anything from them is when they are sending a survey. You AlWAYS qualify for it... so it's not one of those that you answer 100 questions just to hear that you don't qualify. I don't get a TON of these surveys maybe 3 a month. But it's nice because they pay $3 for each survey you complete.


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