Friday, June 4, 2010

Super Savings Saturday saved 85%

This has been a SUPER BUSY week for me. Monday I left for a 3.5 hour trip to Frankfort, KY. The next day I woke up after maybe 2 hours of sleep due to my cramming for my nail tech exam. After 4 hours of testing and another hour of waiting I received my license!! Wooohooo!!! Then we had to drive BACK home... I got home around 5:30 and went straight to bed!!! I slept til 10 and then woke up for a few hours. Wed & Thur I had to go to the spa for a few hours to get settled in. Today I thought I only had 2 appts... well when I got to work today I had 5 appts between 10am-2:30. That was 4 pedicures and 1 manicure... I was pretty tired after that. So needless to say.... tonight was a hamburger helper night. lol :o) But I didn't do much shopping this week. Don't be surprised if you see a huge shopping trip to *gasp* walmart!!! lol My fridge and pantry are looking pretty sad....!!!! So bear with me fellow bloggers and readers... I'm def adjusting to working after being a student and stay at home mom for almost a year. After all that is the reason I started couponing!!! :o) I thoroughly enjoy sharing my shopping trips and seeing what others do!!! Alright... so let's get to the point of this post ;)!!!!!!!!!!!

Total Spent: $20.01
Total Saved: $114.35 or 85%

Wags: Details HERE & HERE
Spent: $0.81 (Wooo stinkin Hoo!!!)
Saved: $70.83
RR Left: $26

CVS: Details HERE
Spent: $6.60
Saved: $32.84
Submitting for $5 MIR for the OFF Refills

Big John's: Details HERE
Spent: $12.60
Saved: $10.28

So how did my AMAZING couponing family do??? Please post below!!!!

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  1. Mandy, Congratulations!!! So glad to hear the good news.



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