Wednesday, June 2, 2010

6/1 Wags Spent $0.34 saved $64.23 & made $32 in RR!!!

First and foremost... I didn't buy the store out. I spoke with a manager the week before and had her order me 16 boxes of Ecotrin.

I did 17 diff transactions. 16 of those I did in the same day. I do the bulk of my transactions on Mondays when my friend is working!!! So yes... I did do trans after trans!!! I went around 10am and checked out at the beauty counter. I didn't hold the lines up either.

So I paid $0.34 TOTAL for all of this. I saved $64.23 and walked away with $32 in RR!!!


  1. Awesome!! I didn't get that coupon when I was in Florida....guess I should have ordered some but I have been slacking lately!! Uggh

    I need to pick it up, one week and these girls are eating everything in sight and we haven't even put the pool up. I seriously don't know where they put it.

  2. Yeah i called the hubby and begged him to buy me my STL papers!!! lol He bought me 4 and then I ordered 10. There is a printable for this on

    I feel like i've been slacking... I start my new job today... so I hope I still have time to keep up!!! lol

  3. How many hours a week will you be working?

    Once you get the whole couponing thing figured out it is not hard, however some weeks I shop like crazy and other weeks I slack off. :)

    Right now I am going to have to get in gear though or I will not make it through the summer with two ravenous teen/preteen girls! LOL

  4. I'm not really sure... I will work up to 40 though. I just got my license the other day and I already have 12 appts up until next sat!!!


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