Friday, June 4, 2010

6/2 Wags Spent $0.47 saved $6.60

The hubby has the flu so we needed some OJ. Instead of running to the grocery store I ran by Wags... I made $32 in RR doing the ecotrin deal. And since the RR are in increments of $2... I would like to spend them!!! I will be using several of them to get newspapers on Sunday.

But here is why it pays to do the drugstore game!!! I paid $0.47 for all of this. I used (3) $2 rr. The OJ was $5.98 and in order to use another $2 RR I had to grab a filler item. I found the candy on clearance for $0.40. So since I purchased 3 items I could use (3) RR. At wags you must have the same number of items as you do coupons and/or RR.

I still have $26 in RR!!!!

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